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Type here the introduction of this very page 26 January 2011
This year the Boot 2011 fair in Düsseldorf Germany was a better fair than the last couple of years. Against my expectation the fair was well visited and many companies showed there latest products. Although innovation and new products were very limited. For me looking for new rebreathers the fair did not offer much news. I have seen a couple of new things but generally speaking the trade has to recover from the latest economical crisis.

In this page I show you some of the things I have seen. I enjoyed Boot as all years and will certainly be back in 2012!
Innovasub managed to design electronics that work with handheld PDA's or Ipod Touch systems
Check out there website here:
GNOM from Slovakia designs miniature ROV's. These beauties really dive, and dive deep!
Website: http://www.gnom-rov.com/
The robotarm is operated by an electric actuator!
Trimixnet presented there new rebreather. The new ECCR is distributed by TDI/SDI Tom Jaspers. The unit is equipped with Laguna research
electronics en controllers.
Website is not online but will be soon! (26-01-2011)
Submatix showed there new Quantum rebreather and SPX 42 controller
Earlier version with controller
New Quantum
SPX42 computer
Heinrichs Weikamp develloped a line open source computers and showed there new pO2 monitor
details here: http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/
Absolute tech systems introduced different back mounted wings and counterlungs: (thanks Paul!)
This American company designed a special trolley for divers with heavy gear:
From Switserland SF drysuits presented there fantastic KEVLAR suits. This incredible strong suits look perfect for wreckdivers!

They trust there customers so much they even allow you to dress the boss her wife! (see website ;)
Santi displayed there new gear including a heated under suit.
Diverbike made some cool "diverbike's"
Bare introduced a rather revolutionair suit called SB system. The material is extremely flexible and is breathable. The zipper is made of plastic and watertight!
Read more on the website: http://www.baresports.com/

Additional information about the TiZIP
Finally there are many small items that catched they eye, some serious, others to make the fair more attractive !
There is a full face mask that fits fantastic with your pink rebreather:
Or a beautifull Swiss computer UEMIS LINK
A new motor for the Dolfijn (MS dolfijn) 1800 HP
And the new safetyboat 300 HP
Deepsea fishes
And small items
Hope you enjoyed the visit!
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