We had an outstanding fair in Birmingham at the EuroTek show. Although the traffic in England was a nightmare. I had the opportunity to meet many people I knew only from the digital highway. For us it was a fantastic weekend and I would like to complement you three for the good event! The atmosphere in England was outstanding and it was a real pleasure to meet people who live there life almost similar to me! I can imagine that you will be asking yourself if it was worth all the stress and energy, well there is just one answer, YES! Be sure that this event will be in the mind of many people for years. It contributes to the future of technical diving and is worth a fortune! Personally I had the opportunity to talk to many great names in the industry! FANTASTIC!
Leigh, Carl and Roz, you did a fantastic job!
We took 24 rebreathers to Birmingham from Amsterdam to Antwerpen to Calais to Dover, London and finally to Birmingham. We took an oxygen rebreather from the second WW and also a closed circuit rebreather beside of 22 other models in a car 1400 km on the road
in a car in a train in a tunnel underneath a sea to EuroTek.08 and I think a was well worth all trouble!

The Introduction of Therebreathersite:
Jan Willem Bech is the owner of the 'The Rebreather Website' and will exhibit at EuroTek.08 with his collection of old rebreathers. Jan from the Netherlands will be on hand to pass on rebreather information to people visiting his stand about rebreathers in general and will be showing around 25 historic rebreathers including rare examples such as the French DC55 and the Canadian SIVA as well as his Pirelli’s which he tells us are worth a fortune…… Jans website was one of the earliest dedicated CCR sites to spring up on the internet visit his site here >> http://www.therebreathersite.nl
Jan Willem Bech started his addiction to diving in 1989 after an introduction dive in Dutch waters and he soon became an addict. His wife Caroline also did the necessary training and they went on to dive in more than 15 different countries worldwide.

After he became an instructor he still wanted more from his diving so in 1999 he started to dive with rebreathers and realized there was a whole new exiting diving world out there to be explored. It was the combination of the technique, adventure and training that triggered his particular interest.

As the years passed by, Jan spent more and more time on technical training with his instructor Rob Postma and then especially with the CCR trimix training in France with Inspiration inventor Dave Thompson.
Being a full trimix CCR diver it was possible to undertake some very exiting diving projects, and one after the other soon followed! To be able to share his new experiences and passion he decided to use the Internet and created www.therebreathersite.nl.

In those days there was not a lot to be found on the web about rebreathers except on the Internet sites of Dave Sutton, NW design and Kerry McKenzie.
After he started to document the Inspiration rebreather a considerably large Internet site evolved rather rapidly and before long the site attracted international attention.Inspired by all the great new contacts the next step to further develop the Internet site was easily taken. After trying to bring structure in all the information about rebreathers, Jan soon discovered that there were a lot of ways it could be done.
Choices had to be made so he decided to concentrate on the most simple form of rebreathers, the pure oxygen ones first. Jan thought that having documented about 10 to 20 different models on my Internet site would be it.However, after 5 years, even he is still surprised that, after completing an almost daily job of updating information, you can now find the description and photographs of 300 (!) oxygen rebreather models on the site.
For this accomplishment his Internet site was rewarded as ‘Masterpiece’ by his dive organization, the NOB (Dutch Underwater Federation), member of CMAS and sister organization of the BSAC.Therebreatersite.nl also became part of the necessary prerequisite requirements to become a 3* CMAS instructor, so his work was rewarded again.
A next logical step was to add a database for the Semi-closed and Closed-circuit rebreathers. However he decided to use another method for collecting all the information. Parallel on the website he developed several pages with several knowledge areas.

By now the SCR and CCR rebreather, but also the MCCR, areas are now constantly updated. A historical section is also added but the most recent pages focus on atmospheric dive suits.
By also keeping Therebreathersite.nl up to date with all kind of basic main diving knowledge it’s used daily as a source for information by training agencies and research workers. By publishing this treasure of information Jan has acquired a lot of friends all over the world!

Left: Jan Willem Bech (left) diving in France
Some of them visited him at his home to share some very interesting conversations into the long hours of the night. Jan agrees that it looks like all rebreather divers are obsessed by their hobby and its not going away!

On his computer he still has a lot of documents which are ready for future development and publication. Because of all the contacts worldwide a lot of rebreathers are presented to him. Today Jan has a nice collection of old models which to his utmost pleasure he will present to you at the Eurotek.08 diveshow; Jan considers this a great honor to be present at the Eurotek-08 conference! And a great opportunity to meet all his correspondence friends from United Kingdom and surrounding European countries
Jan hopes to see you at his stand at EuroTek
The Introduction of Hydrogom:
OLDIES FROM THE PAST”, shown at the Hydrogom Respiratory Equipment Stand at Eurotek.08
After many years of diving and snorkeling Jeroen Gompelmans owner of Hydrogom became more and more interested in every piece of equipment that was linked to diving and the techniques it used. As he reached the age of 20 in 1989, he started to collect all kinds of breathing apparatuses.
It did not take long before he realized the number of different types of regulators was huge. Despite this the complex techniques that were used by designers and manufacturers from the old days, fascinated him more than anything.

To get more acquainted with their way of thinking he started his research on all kinds of background information that he could lay his hands on and ended up with one of the largest collection of regulators, all also well documented, than ever existed before.
In March 2001, Hydrogom Respiratory Equipment was founded with its main activity to repair and restore all types of breathing equipment.
But Hydrogom also develops and manufactures its own techniques like the CMF valve (Constant Mass Flow valve). For the design of this valve the Internet site of Jan Willem Bech http://www.therebreathersite.nl became a very useful source of information.

At EuroTek.08, behind glass, you can enjoy some of the old top items: the Loosco FFM, the Scubapro Visionair Mask and the Mistral CG45.
I hope to meet you all at the Hydrogom stand!
The Staff and organisers:

EuroTek diving technologies conference is organised by Technical divers Leigh Bishop & Carl Spencer. Both are well known in the diving industry as speakers at international diving conferences and shows but more so for their technical diving expeditions. Both men were members of the 2003 Titanic expedition, Spencer returning back to join the live Discovery Channel expedition led by James Cameron. They are deep wreck technical divers and together have dived Britannic and many other deep ocean shipwrecks. Both are fellow international members of the Explorers Club and have travelled around the world together on many shipwreck expeditions. Having spoken extensively at world wide diving conferences for over a decade they are now bringing all their knowledge and experience together to host the EuroTek 2008 show. During August of 2008 Carl Spencer and Leigh Bishop welcomed Roz Lunn aboard the team as a co organiser. Roz is of course a diver and works for herself as the 'Underwater Marketing Company'. She has been on several working deep wreck expeditions such as Britannic as well as working on Television series such as Deep Sea Detectives for the History Channel.

The preparation and the trip:
Posters, rebreathers, standmaterials, displays, cards etc etc.......
this is called a garage ....?
small box with 50 kgs of russian gear
my dear CDBA completely restored ;) (still waiting for 4 spare masks....)
The materials easily fitted in the big trucks we took .....
I thought we were going to a diving show?
Building the stand
In England it seems to be normal people start building the fair at 6:00 in the morning. We arrived at the ICC exactly in time and started building the stand with 8 friends. Still very grateful they helped us with this big job!
very intensevely!
the first visitors arriving!
after some negotiations with the safety guys we finally finished the stand at 9:00
The first day:
The Gala:
of course there are many more pictures: here

The Branded table of Therebreathersite and Hydrogom. We were privileged to have Rick Stanton joining us on the table.
Read more about Rick here: http://www.eurotek.uk.com/rickstanton.htm
My wife Caroline seems to have fun!
Final Day, day 2
There are even visitors who actually put on  the old gear
Mr. alex spying a 1972 scubapro mask
See you in 2010 on EUROTEK 2010
I would like to thank all the visitors of the stand and hope to receive all promised materials, old rebreathers, manuals and regulators. If you have anything you might think it would fit in this collection, please let me know. Just send me an email jw.bech@quicknet.nl
Please sign my Guestbook
Email: jw.bech@quicknet.nl

In November 2008 Therebreathersite and Hydrogom were invited to show their collection rebreathers and regulators on the Eurotek2008 fair. Leigh Bishop, Carl Spencer and Roz Lunn offered us a fantastic opportunity to meet many technical divers from all over the world. We travelled to Birmingham and had a great weekend with all the people who visited this really impressive show! We will certainly be back in 2010 and hope to meet you guys again! I would like to thank all people who made this exhibition possible. For those of you that couldn’t make the conference, you missed a fantastic weekend!

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