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This year we dived with MS Dolfijn from Lowestoft United Kingdom 15 july 2011

This year we dived with MS Dolfijn a former patrol ship of the Dutch customs from Lowestoft UK. We left Maassluis on Sunday morning and arrived Sunday evening in Lowestoft. This coast town is the most eastern city of the UK. When we arrived the English coast windmill (126 mtr) high Gulliver was seen first. The historical coast line was a fantastic sight. Later it proved to be very nice for a walk and a drink ;))

The Dutch harbour Maassluis near Rotterdam. This was the place we boarded and left for Lowestoft.

She is still a beauty, a fantastic ship with an incredible powerfull Stork 650+ Hp engine. It is known that the motor was placed first and the ship built around it.

A 1 day journey to the UK.

This year we dived with Martin, Suzanne, Tino, Rita, Peter, Arjan, Onno, Eke, Dop and JanWillem

Martin, skipper OC trimix

Suzanne, the Boss OC

Rita CCR trimix

Tino CCR trimix

Peter OC trimix

Jan Willem CCR trimix

Dop CCR trimix

EKE OC trimix

Arjan OC trimix

Onno CC trimix

After we arrived late in Lowestoft the next morning we dived close to shore. Unfortunately visibility was < 30 cm and diving was stopped. We moved 30 miles from shore to the next wreck. The visibilty was much better and we decided to make more dives there.

Next Tuesday we dived 4 more dives on a unknown wreck. We managed to find a porthole, something to pee in and a rudder position indicator

rudder position indicator

pee pot

A very fortunate finding!

The rest of the week we had to much wind. So I can offer you a very nice movie on the unknown wreck and some pictures of things we did the rest of the week. But first let us start with a nice movie of the dive to the 45 mtr wreck.


We had a great week, with ower enemy the wind. Fortunately all divers had a great time. Loved to be in the UK again. We took ower mascotte COW with us:

We could not find a reason NOT to organise a good BBQ so after a good search we found the ideal spot:

good people, good food, nice drinks ;))

Tino killed the cow.......

It took 5 guys to arrange some water for the boat!

I hope you join us again next trip!

I would like to finish with the unfolding of the expedition Flag 2011! THANKS ARJAN!!!

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