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This year we made a VERY nice trip on the North sea. We dived three wrecks, the Kerwood, the Cimbria and WWI ship C÷ln. June 2007

 We where guests on the fantastic boat MS Dolfijn owned by Martin Bakker. The Dolfijn a former Customs patrol boat equipped with a 600 hp Stork diesel engine, and with a ship length of 25 meters offered a great home during the 6 day trip.

The dive site:
picture google earth
The Diving sites are north of Holland and Germany

picture google earth
We dived the Kerwood, The Cimbria and Coln

picture google earth
During the night we slept in the Harbour of Vlieland
and Borkum
The scene is FANTASTIC, Fishingship cleaning the catch
current can be strong here
OK meet the team:
From left to right: Martin, Peter, Erwin, Ruud, Ivo, Rita, Janwillem, Wouter, Tino
OK let's check the diving. The Zeester divingteam in Holland discovered the Wreck Kerwood, we decided it could be interesting to pay a visit.... ;))
The English ship Kerwood was called "Budapest" before.
I didn't take long before the first balloons appeared....
here you see the famous Goldbars, all that a ship TS6 left for us poor sport divers .......
fortunately he left a couple of hundreds "broodjes" on the bottom......
Here you see two of a couple of sizes.
We found copper ingots, bars. Also lead in different forms. It was easily understood that the professional salver did not took all the bite ;)) 
More copper and lead.
one after one, and sometimes a couple of them together ;))
Since the bars could be very easily handled by a single diver it was a joy sending them up!
of course the mood was good;)
Erwin enjoyed his daily work-out
as did Rita! (First female Inspiration Rebreather Instructor in the World!)
Next dive was planned on the Cimbria
Cimbria is an old ship. We only looked around and took what the former salvers prepared for us to put on the chimney
Some very small artefacts
Most parts were very small. The Cimbria was very much fallen apart. We met a German team who were searching for artefacts, and they had left their airlift and bottles and air hoses on the bottom of the wreck site. We all respected  the property of the German team in the hope the future will offer us a nice museum on the Island of Borkum to visit.
Next wrecksite was the C÷ln. This WW I wreck sunk near Helgoland.
The C÷ln was a great wreck. We found beautiful parts of the shipwreck !
small bolts, and big bolts..
A happy ruud!
The important precleaning
WW I swastyka
all cooking was done here
skipper on his post
pancakes on the last day
Some hilarious moments
rita preparing for the next dive.... ;)
SMB deployed the ultimate way
Martin taking a nap on a 2000 kg balloon
Erwin, steel eater
The Rob Booster did a great job!
The dives are made with 5 Inspirations, and three Nitrox divers
We want to thank Wouter and Martin for a great time!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Pictures made by: Rita Oosterbaan, Tino de Rijk, Peter van Dam, Jan Willem Bech
        June 2007
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