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The annual dive show in Düsseldorf Germany offered news for divers and boat enthusiasts. Hall 3 was completely equipped for diving sports. There are now many new features, but on the rebreather market some new models and designs. This page leads you to some interesting features and developments that could be seen at the show.

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Ambient Pressure Diving

  Inspiration 7 ltr housing
  TR300 rebreather
  RON rebreather
  Aquateq voyager
  Ouroboros new version
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the virtual Boot 2005. For myself, well I had a real good time. We laughed a lot, but that was because I went there with my buddy IVO, ROB, and HANS. Returning home at 23:30 I was tired and the next day these pages were made. I had the opportunity to meet Helmut Meyer. We had a very nice conversation about bailout rebreathers in general. The best part was he invited us for a beer that was most appreciated! THANKS Helmut! Your information was very interesting and offers a nice basis for further development! Keep in contact!

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