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Impression of the 2013 Boot Show in Dusseldorf 28 January 2013

Like earlier years I visited the Boot 2013 show in Dusseldorf. This huge event is the largest fair showing Boats (mainly) Fish catching gear and more important Scuba equipment. The fair showing the diving gear is a mixture of travel information, technical gear and sales. This year the fair was well visited and most companies showed a positive view to the future. This page is not indented to inform you about the products but just to give an impression what i have seen. Links to the manufacturers give more information about the products.

Poseidon MK VI rebreather shown in travelframe
Close up of mouthpiece with bailout valve
Handset op MK VI
For additional info about the MKVI poseidon rebreather check: http://www.poseidon.com/products/rebreathers/mkvi
L&W Compressors showed their Armoured Safety Filling Cabinets
Additional information can be found here: http://www.lw.com.sg/product-detail.php?catid=27&subcatid=&prodid=140
De-Ox digital analysers and pressure testing equipment showed a cell tester
Additional information about De-Ox can be found here: http://www.temc.it/
The E-X-D.de company showed several models of the Liquivision range
Better pictures can be found on http://liquivision.com/

Submatix shows their new oxygen/nitrox rebreather and Bailout rebreather. The Oxygen/Nitrox  rebreather "Combo 2" is based on the combination of a regular closed circuit system combined with a EMCCR. This EMCCR is a electronic monitored system that uses two oxygen cells. The scrubber of the system is split in the counterlung. This way making the unit slim. Nice system that can be upgraded in price and function. The bailout system is also EMCCR with a computer designed by submatix.

Submatix Quantum EXP
details of quantum EXP
details of quantum EXP
The new SPX42 computer
The manual oxygen addtion system equipped with oxyscan SPC 100
details of quantum EXP oxygen addition system
The quantum EXP is equipped with a Dive Rite system
details of quantum EXP
details of quantum EXP
The new Bailout rebreather SMS 200
details of the SMS 200
The interior of the SMS 200
Combo 2 switchable between CC oxygen and MCCR
Topview into the double scrubbers
The switch lever for the oxygen/nitrox switch
Manual addition and CMF system
Inside the CL
gas addition system
sensors in the head
top view with mounted scrubbers
The bailout rebreather
Mouthpiece is not sideemountedd
Since cows have a special meaning for the Dutch wreckdivers, ths cow should have been the club mascot. Also you can see the art and love invested in the design. SDS members must be extremely jealous.  
Even pressure gauges are fitted, please understand these bottles are not OC bottles but dual passive addition rebreathers breathed through a pendulum system! 
Haux hyperbaric technology showed a medilock and MEDISTAR tank. 
Further information can be found on the HAUX website here: http://www.haux-hbo.de/ 
On Kreidesee there was a 4 mtr+ submarine EUROSUB on display. Nice machine ;) 
Additional information about the Kreidesee and the Eurosub can be found here: http://www.kreideseetaucher.de/ 
Tatum showed their AFS 3 helmet
more information here: http://www.tatum-gmbh.de/
The latest computers form Heinrichs Weikamp.
The LED display of the OSTC3 is very bright! Computer will be for sale for about 800,- euro ! A very interesting price for a full trimix computer!
IDE-NewParts Compressor showed a impressive stainless steel Nitrox membrane compressor system build by Krinner Drucklufttechnik GmbH. The patented system is fully certified en capable of producing 280-900 liters nitrox in the 32-40% range. A large volume of low pressure air is filtered through a membrane and then compressed after being filtered below acceptable oilcontent.
membrane system alone 
Additonal information about this system here: http://www.ide.de and http://www.kompressoren-druckluft.com/
From Denmark DiveGas.EU showed their continuous flow blnding system for nitrox and trimix. These units come with a very user friendly interface and can be configurated in different models. 
The CE marking relates to this blending system. After this system a oxygen compatible compressor has to be installed. The new set (both blending panel and compressor) have to checked by a notified body. Regulations depends on the country the system is installed. For further information please go to the website http://www.DiveGas.eu
Suunto DX titanium CCR computer
Further info: http://www.suunto.com/us/en/products/diving-instruments/suunto-dx/suunto-dx-titanium
SCUBA RT here:
find your presents here: http://www.scubart.it/
When you are looking for a wide beam lamp for your GoPro check this UW Kinetics lamp and kit:
check this website for details: http://www.uwkinetics.com/ 
Most years the German Army shows some of their equipment. This year the LAR series and Divex rebreathers are on display
in and exhale t-piece of the Divex stealth rebreather 
The Hollis explorer is a rebreather build for the recreational sector. It is equipped with tempstick and Co2 sensor. The sensor part is separate form the electronics through magnetic contacts.  
First stages are in the interior of the rebreather 
Bailout mouthpiece with BOV 
Scrubber cover transparant for display,  with electronics 
Temp stick, electronics and scrubber cover 
Contact for the temp sensors 
A very clever design feature. The green part is operated in position open, when the scrubber is mounted. If not the green valve shut off the loop, so no breathing is possible when the scrubber is left out! 
In closed (missing scrubber) position. 
The CO2 sensor/electronics 
 Co2 sensor 
The hollis rebreather http://www.hollisgear.com/prodview.asp?id=143 
Tec Dive showed a new 7 kgs scooter! of Schulz
the dual version 14 kgs 
http://www.fwt-schulz.com/ for additional informatio 
Scubapro had a very nice display of all regulators build during 50 years 
 EDI-T Cave lamp in progress 
check this website: http://www.edi-t.com.au/ 
I hope your computer was capable to show this huge page and you enjoyed the impression of Boot 2013. 
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