In May 2003 I had the opportunity to do my closed circuit course in the South of France. Course leader was Dave ThompsonRob Postma did his CCR TRIMIX INSTRUCTOR course, and we (webmaster) Janwillem Bech, Ivo v. Dam and John Wittenberg did the CCR TRIMIX COURSE. The photo's are screen captures of an excellent digital Video Rob Postma made of these dives. Unfortunately the quality of screen captures is rather poor, due to simple capture equipment.
Dive on the wreck "TOGO", South of FRANCE with the NAUTICA to a  70 meter of depth
Bailout - Tables -Mixing - .......
On board of the Nautica.  Superb crew and boat!


Loading the boat
Rebreathers only!!!!
The Author/webmaster
Are you shure everything is on board?
Then, let's go
Nice weather and view
Dave relaxing
No rush
Penny & Dave
OK let's go, John in Red, me in Blue


On the Togo, bottomtime 30 mins
Superb visability
In the wreck
The wreck is 8 mtrs above the seabed
Nice gorgones
And back again
Hanging arround
The station in site again
Old fashion bottom timer and tables. Works fine for me!

Can't afford VR3's yet. When this site gets commercial I buy two ;))

John on the left, me on the right

This is the horrible bubble skill........................
3 mtr bar, without the beer

From Left to Right:

  • Ivo van Dam now CCR Trimix Inspiration diver

  • Aldo Ferrucci (Guest  I )
  • Janwillem Bech now CCR Trimix Inspiration diver

  • John Wittenberg now CCR Trimix Inspiration diver

  • Rob Postma now CCR Trimix Inspiration Instructor

  • Penny Glover (Guest UK )

  • Dave Thompson Inspiration Inventor and course leader.

David, we had a great time, and were very happy to learn all the skills.
Rob, thanks for your patience and dedicated way of teaching!
Aldo & Penny, nice to have met you!!



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