Zeeduiker Augustus 2003

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17, 18 August 2003. We planned a short trip to do some nice wreck diving. We left harbour at a friendly 6:30 in the morning. Weather conditions were medium, and expectations bad. In reality it finally turned out to be very kind weather with wind 1-4, until we returned that Monday night with wind from Southwest force 6 while we tried a course North to South...

Anyhow, we had a nice time. Divers: Ivo, Sake, Ruud, Dik, Geert, Klaas, John, Erwin, Peter, Janwillem.
(3 inspirations, 7 OC divers) We dived the HM Maurits van Nassau 4 times and a new unknown wreck #2353 once.
Specially the second wreck was impressive.

Thanks to Ivo for bringing us home safe.....;)) Please close your favourites and press F11 for a good view!




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