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A look at the past, the CCR 1000 08-12-2010
The Biomarine CCR1000 was the civilian version of the Biomarine MK15. The Yellow sportsdiving rebreather was tested by NEDU in 1975. The unit itself was designed in 1970! Richard Larn wrote this article in Underwater World magazine. The Nedu report can be downloaded here.
  A special thanks to Mr. Richard Larn for his kind permission to publish this article here!
Also a thank you to Mr. Paul Jackman for making the article available to me.
Other resources:
Great pictures of the original CCR 100 unit
Biomarine MK 15 page
The history of Biomarine by Kevin Juergenson
Moderncontroller for CCR1000
Finally I would like to thank mr. Jackman for this interesting article!
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