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Martien Immerzeel & Tjerk Bouwman bought there first JJ- CCR in the Netherlands 14 July 2010

Recently I met Martien at my home. He took his brand new JJ-CCR and offered me the first glance of this very nice rebreather. Martien followed his Inspiration rebreather training in the Netherland with IANTD. John Dekker his trainer, took him through level I, II and III. Martien dives his unit on the North Sea for people who do not know this Sea, it is not very easy diving. Many times there are currents and visibility is not always at best. Since Martien loves to dive in wrecks he wants a reliable unit and found this in the Inspiration Vision rebreather. Unfortunately for Martien he is a short guy, so his arms are too.   (although these arms have a absurd diameter ;) ) He had troubles with the front mounted counter lungs of the Inspiration and decided to try the JJ-CCR. With pain in the heart he switched from Inspiration to JJ_CCR. Together we took several hours to compare this new rebreather with other units. I was happily surprised to find a very well build high quality unit. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages compared to Meg or Inspo, but I have to say I was impressed with the high standards of this rebreather. In other words: a great and very well build rebreather. Know how of divers and not of designers. There are positive and some negative aspects but see for yourself.


First of all a compliment for the builders: The manual is online and can be found here: http://www.jj-ccr.ch/images/stories/downloads/jj-ccr_manual_201.pdf
also there is a full Quinetiq test report available online: http://www.jj-ccr.ch/images/stories/downloads/test_report.pdf
pricelist can be found here: http://jj-ccr.ch/images/stories/downloads/price_list_q3_2010.pdf


(included or not included depends on the configuration).

  • Aluminium canister supports tanks 2 - 12 liter
  • Axial and Radial scrubber available
  • Really nice heavy stand
  • Front OR back mounted counterlungs
  • Redundant power sources 1 in controller, 1 on top of head for HUD, 2 on top for Solenoid. (external mounted from loop)
  • ADV
  • BOV
  • Manual oxygen addition, off board gas connection
  • Manual diluent  addition, off board gas connection
  • Independant HUD with real time dispplay of PPO2 with led signals for all three cells
  • Shearwater Predator controller and real time decompression mixed gas dive computer. (third party).
Technical Specifications:        
  • 700x400x260 mm (27,5" x 15,7"x 10,23")
  • 32 kgs with 2 x 3 ltr tanks and absorbend, 19 kgs without absorbend and without tanks.
  • Axial scrubber   2,3 kg, duration 168 minutes (@40mtr,40ltr/min, 1,6 ltr/CO2) Sofnolime 797.
  • Radial scrubber 3,0 kg  duration 230 minutes (@40mtr,40ltr/min, 1,6 ltr/CO2)Sofnolime 797.
  • Counterlung volume 2 x 8 ltrs
  • Depth limits 40 mtr air diluent, 100 mtr trimix diluent, controller depth limit = 185 mtr
  • Oxygen first stage M26x2 (Din on request)
  • Diluent first stage DIN G 5/8"
  • Oxygen control: low and high setpoint
  • Oxygensensors: Teledyne R-22APD or JJ-CCR cells
  • Setpoint range 0,4 - 1,5 bar pO2
  • Warnings: low 0,4 / high 1,6 bar pO2
  • AFAIK no CE marking today. CE marking in progress.

Interesting features:

  • Low power consumption solenoid with "always in closed position" failure mode
  • Shearwater Predator controller has dedicated functions for this rebreather.
  • HUD fully independent of shearwater controller, equipped with three dual color LED (3 colors).
  • HUD has complete redundant circuit with own power circuit and functions even without the Shearwater switched on.
  • HUD and Shearwater have separate calibration sequences.
  • ADV with automatic and manual addition modus.
  • Manual valves with the possibility to connect external gas sources, for both oxygen and diluent side.
  • One hand operated Bail Out Valve. Valve equipped with standard Scubapro regulator
  • Controller is hardwired to scrubber lid (not optical)
  • Controller has OLED with adaptation to ambient light level.
  • Battery compartment is accessible by opening 10 hexagon screws. (not very often due to low power consumption)
  • Gas injection at the T-Piece, not on the bottom of the CL.
  • All parts are milled
  • Scrubber head is screwed on the innerscrubber and pushed in the external (the one with the text) aluminum scrubber holder.
  • Clippard Solenoid
  • On the backside of the unit there are two tubes vertical mounted to add weight to the rebreather.
  • Back mounted counter lungs (or front)
  • Radial long duration scrubber (or axial)



The unit is made with very high quality materials and offers many possible configuration. The "hardware" is extremely heavy build. The unit is 32 kilo and is very stable on his stand. The controller is made in Canada and not a part of the rebreather factory. Also there is no CE marking so far but that seem to be changed soon.
To me the unit seems very reliable, very well build for a competitive price.

Here you find detailed pictures of the unit of Martien Immerzeel. Also I would like to thank Martien for his kind cooperation to make this article!
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        first published 14-07-2010
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