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This page is to direct you to manufacturers of boosters, adverts or articles of boosters in general. Boosters are there to fill your oxygen bottle to the max using oxygen from a bottle with lower pressure. Of course not only oxygen is pumped, also helium, Nitrox or even air can be transferred. Be VERY careful using boosters. You need special training and knowledge to use these devices in a safe way!
Very often there are second hand boosters available in the webshop
For those who are interested I have some manuals about boosters for sale, explaining how they work!
This page is about the Dräger U300DS
Haskel, one of the leading manufacturers HERE HG series gas booster
Another big company is RIX HERE
Hydraulics International HERE
Deepbandits boosters HERE
DiveTech LTD

JJ-Technque HERE
Jetsam Babybooster

Info in this web: HERE

Homepage Jetsam

Dräger booster HERE
Tom Rose superior products:


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