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Bob Howell's build Plug and Play 

Gas Management System  for his Inspiration


   Self sealing  Quick release connectors


  • High  Flow  Fittings rated over 200 bar

  • Viton seals all 02 clean

  • OC Regulators  work normally at depth

  • Both valved halves have auto shut off seals with  up stream valves,

  • Re-usable hose fittings on the hose connection side, machined as part of the connectors.

  • Un-screw your old end fittings   & Screw on the new ones

  • No thread adaptors needed

  • Low Cost


How to apply this system

Anything that Receives Gas install  a male nipple fitting

Anything that Gives Gas install  a female Valve fitting 






Fitting (a)


Replacement quick release male

Un-Valved Button nipple

 02 & Dill Button

 (Hang on !!  you will see why)


Fitting (b)


Un-Valved  Regulator nipple

 quick release male

Screws directly onto  OC regulator  or  OC/DSV 


(very small )


Fitting (c)


Male Auto Valve

quick release  nipple 

Installed on the secondary hose, feeding the Dill Bar. Stored ready to use down the outer side of the inhale lung 

(you only need  one)

    Plug in your off board  bailout  gas here 

    Feed anything coming off your Dill Bar

Fitting (d)


Female  Auto Valve

quick release

Iinstalled on all gas feeds


 02 feed OC reg , OC/DSV feed

Install on all  bailout tank whips



Fitting (e)

Dry Suit &  BC feed 

non Valve male nipple


Fitting (f) 


Full flow non-return valve

Installed on  feed to  dill bar from your existing  Dill 1st stage




Fitting (g) 

Dust cover for female whip end


Fitting (h) 

Dust cover for male whip end



 What you can do with all this ?


Keep one small OC reg in your pocket with

 (b) Un-Valved Regulator nipple made on


All bailout tanks have a whip  with the

(d) Female Valve quick release installed on hose ends


Now use any gas you have via  OC regulator


Also  the 02 supply


New larger 02 button quick release fitting




Told you to hang on

One quick click and you have a 02 Regulator


Take any off board gas whip

Plug this into your secondary dill  feed   


 Donor whip  installed  down the side of  inhale lung with valve (c) on the end


Now use any gas

via the Rebreather  Dill bar

Use any gas via, ADV, OC/DSV, Auto Air

Anything thatís plumbed into the dill bar

By swapping one whip lead


You will have to shut down your in board dill tank or set all other 1st stages 1<> 2 bar higher .The non return valve will then kick in .

If you have a 1st stage fail or HP gage fail on your in-board dill

When you plug in any off board gas the non-return valve will then stop the bailout gas going out via the leak





  • Easily change to any dill mix

  • Conscious effort to switch  gas mix  

  • If Buddy has the same system you can plug into them


  • If my  OC reg starts to free flow

  • If my OC/DSV starts to free flow

            Unplug the faulty equipment

            With no gas loss or the need for full gas  shut down  

  • Bailed out to OC  would like change to a richer  mix on accent

              Unplug the dill feed and plug in your next gas mix

  • Bailed out to OC  would like to use the 02 up for deco

                Unplug the 02 button feed and plug this into your pocket regulator


The Possibilities  are endless


For additional information prices and sets please contact Bob Howell: bob@rebreather.org.uk of visit his homepage at: http://www.btinternet.com/~bhowell/

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