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OK, a new page. Since it is very popular to convert rebreathers in there function many companies en persons offer electronics to change the function of your rebreather. SCR becomes KISS. Kiss becomes ECCR. Passive addition rebuild to ECCR. It is all possible. To create a source for finding your electronics this page is made. It will offer you the links and an picture to the company or person involved. If you have additional info, please don't hesitate to inform me.

Laguna research offers a range of controllers for semiclosed and closed circuit rebreathers. The controller on the left is described here: LINK

Dual Sensor Single Display for Rebreather

Electronics for CO2 sensor

four cells in the inspiration!


Head up display on a CC rebreather


Hammerhead electronics by Kevin Juergenson


Building your own CC rebreather..


Oxygen sensor with HUD

PPO2 meter

full setpoint controller with Gradient Factor decompression
 and ....heads up display coming soon...
Bruce Patridge
It's called SHEARWATER electronics now.
Manual to be found here.


product as delivered now!

Example of the Shearwater electronics applied to Kiss systems 

Jetsam, manufacturer of the KISS rebreather

Digital Readout

Kiss setpoint controller


Dave Suttons P-port cell probe

battery.jpg (47109 bytes) LINK

Hypermodern state of the art electrolung electronics

MK99 electronics


The next step..


Roberto Pachi of BFT consulting sent me pictures of his new Oxygen sensor system. It is possible to adapt this system to every rebreather. The sensors come in a single or dual version. Rebreather connections are available for various rebreathers.

The cells holder is really compact in size and being connected before the inhalation counterlung, with proper adapters is virtually universal and you can connect it to any rebreather.

BFT consulting has a website here:


Sartek controller SARTEK
If you now of more controllers or oxygen systems please let me know!

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