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16-02-02 01:19:10 


Welkom in mijn gastenboek.
Heb je een vraag, vergeet dan je emailadres niet!
Bedankt voor je reaktie!
Groeten; Janwillem

Welcome in my Guestbook
Please sent your questions, don't forget your emailadres!
Thank you all for your kind reactions

Greetings, Janwillem


Ron Guldentops

23-02-02 00:30:49 



Met veel plezier bekijk ik regelmatig jouw website,is zeer boeiend.



Paul Marshall

26-02-02 11:56:37 


Hi Janwillem,

Looks good but I wish I could read it!



Wes Howarth

01-03-02 18:38:43 


Great site, very informative you have obviously done a great deal of research. It was also a great opportunity for me to revive my really rusty Dutch.


PS remove the *nospam* from the email address before sending mail



Michael Kuwilsky

14-03-02 13:09:40 


Hello Janwillem
It was pleasure to have a look.






14-03-02 21:01:19 


Zeer boeiende Web-site zelfs voor de niet duikers onder ons, veel succes.



Hans Driessen

19-03-02 00:34:18 


I cant't get no satisfaction, but this site did make my time stood still for the time that I looked. One word "BEAUTFULL".



Aart Nugteren

20-03-02 22:55:19 


Een hele avond rond gekeken,en veel informatie opgedaan.








Dan Fountain

01-03-02 00:27:29 


What an excellent site! Thank you. I've added a link from my rebreather page.

Now if only I somebody would translate it into English (or if I could learn Dutch)....




Hans van Lent

27-02-02 12:51:57 


Ha die Janwillem

Het ziet er allemaal prachtig verzorgd uit. De techniek gaat me, eerlijk gezegd, wel een beetje mijn pet te boven. Wie weet komt daar binnenkort verandering in, nu ik in de gelegenheid wordt gesteld om eens met de rebreather te gaan duiken.




27-02-02 12:06:54 


een prachtige presentatie !




Philippe Dächert

26-02-02 21:00:49 


Warum ist das hier nicht auch in Deutsch?



mahinder L.

26-02-02 13:26:34 


beste J.W.leuke site heb je. Ik heb laatst een RG-UF/M kado gehad en op internet veel info erover gevonden op een duitse site. link mail ik je wel.CU



Lee Gibson

19-05-02 04:38:27 


Great site. Your efforts are appreciated.




12-05-02 13:49:24 


vind het een super goede site.. veel details en foto's vind het de beste RB site van het net. hoop dat er veel nieuwe artikels blijven komen




11-05-02 10:54:13 


congratulations on a great website,very interesting info on CO2 about some more info on cisluna canister!any info on joschen hasenmayer would also be great.thankyou for helping to lift the curtain on the black magic of rebreathers,cheers!michael,australia.



Stéphane Havard

05-05-02 14:05:17 


Very didactic and beautifully illustrated.
Very helpfull for Inspiration users.
Thank you for your time to explain others.




05-05-02 01:43:53 


Thank you for a very interesting site, JanWillem!



Dominic Gargaro

02-05-02 18:58:26 


Very interesting and a great help (especially with the pictures) in sorting out a problem that has caused me much heart-ache underwater.



J Luciano

25-04-02 21:12:14 


Great sight . Came here from the Edit Forum. Had a tough time locating the sign in page. Very interesting I could not find the video you talked about I don't read Dutch



Robert Schoenmaker

20-04-02 23:47:18 


Hallo Jan-Willem, Ik ben een nieuwe Inspiration gebruiker net klaar met de cursus bij Tino . Ik wil mijn complimenten maken over je stuk met de zuurstof cellen hardstikke duidelijk.Ik keek al regelmatig op je page.
Erg goed.
Groeten Rob.



Peter Steggle

20-04-02 11:18:43 


The cell modification pages are very nice



Peter Southwood

02-04-02 07:43:07 


Nice site Janwillem. Takes me a bit of time to read, but I can deal with it.



Chris Tinson

18-06-02 14:50:37 


intresting site, very helpfull.
Keep it up.




17-06-02 13:43:47 


bravo et merci. ce site très bien documenté est une réelle source d'information pour les passionnés du recycleur.




14-06-02 21:55:10 


geweldig informatieve site, ook voor niet-insiders. Bedankt.



Mikey Sh.

11-06-02 13:16:23 


Nice work. Don't stop, keep it up.




Joep Frensen

08-06-02 13:45:23 


Mijn complimenten voor deze site, misschien een nuttig advies: Vermeld ook eens waar je de benodigde opleidingen kunt krijgen..



Ahmed Kassem

07-06-02 05:53:56 


Very informative



Emmanuel Kuehn

03-06-02 10:20:18 


Thanks for sharing your passion with us.



Mike Heutink

02-06-02 07:50:26 


Jan-Willem; chapeau. Bijzonder leuke web site met veel interessante info.



Walter Dold

31-05-02 06:14:57 


Eine tolle Website. Immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut. Weiter so.

...und immer eine durchgehende Leine



Andy Wilson

31-05-02 01:26:58 


Lots of very useful info and is updated often. Keep up the good work.

Regards Andy




20-07-02 10:37:04 


Having been an inspiration owner for a few years now have have to say its a real pleasure reading all the information available on your site.

Excellent content, very informative and easy to navigate.

I will be e-mailing your web page to all my dive buddies.

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us.

Nick UK



Ronald Vreijsen

16-07-02 23:56:09 


Beste Jan Willem, complimenten met je site. Hoewel ik geen specialist ben in rebreather duiken, was ik met name geinteresseerd in jouw foto's betreffende de geschiedenis. Ik heb zelfs hier een daar foto's (scans) die je misschien kunt gebruiken. Omdat ik zelf een scriptie voor de NOB aan het schrijven ben over de geschiedenis van het duiken, zie ik veel foto's die ik zelf ook al verzameld heb.



edson prando

13-07-02 02:47:35 


Hello I am a Brazilian instructor diver. I like rebreathers. I have a IDA 71. I liked site a lot but I don't get to read that language. Does it exist in English?




11-07-02 11:17:57 


hi tom,
plaese excuse my english, i'm a german fire brigade rescuediver and I´ve found your interested site, very nice
please write me back, I've got many question's
about your rg-uf/m
greating's gílli



svein landro

04-07-02 18:52:40 


a large and impressive site, lots of information, thanks for all that work. i will be looking around your site from time to time, looking for that rebreather you know.



Peter Kwapinski

27-06-02 17:19:26 


Very nice, very informative site.
I wish all other sites were this good.
Peter K.




John Cockburn

21-06-02 15:02:46 


Great site, I was only going to have a quick look but ended up staying for well over an hour. Highly recommended.




Rob Davie

21-06-02 15:01:58 


Jan, Very simple yet elegant idea! Thank you for sharing it with all. Rob Davie




21-06-02 12:01:49 


Great and beautifully site very useful information
Inspiration diver from Sweden




19-06-02 12:20:11 


If you love rebreathers there isn't a better site than this.

Thanks . Fil



The Garskonian

26-09-02 07:28:44 


Nice web site.
Look me up if you are ever in the islands, perhaps we can go diving.




23-09-02 17:11:02 


Behoudens de term Rebreather en dat je daarmee je eigen lucht nogmaals gebruikt, wist ik er verder weinig van.
Dat is nu wel over.

Heel informatief.
Zodanig, dat ik voorlopig nog maar even doorga met m'n gewone uitrusting, al zal de intresse voor dit soort duiken wel blijven hangen.




23-09-02 15:45:37 


want to know more about rebreathers and dive with them, you site is very rich with information and detail. this will prepare me a bit in advance before I start my rebreather course. you can never know enough. safe diving and once again. great work on the site.



John Boudreaux

19-09-02 04:09:31 


I have been looking for a new Drager Dolphin Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather to purchase. If those that have the information would kindly pass that on to me that would be great. Thank you in advance.





11-09-02 10:03:37 


Denkend aan Holland zie ik brede rivieren...

Site ziet er mooi uit. Lijkt wel prof!
Ik zal nog eens goed bladeren, maar compliment is op zijn of haar plaats.



Wim Breeman

25-08-02 23:41:05 


Hoi Jan Willem,

Prima site, tot nu toe de enige waar ik echt duidelijke rebreather info gevonden heb, ook voor de niet-rebreather duiker!



Roy Ettema

10-08-02 19:25:03 


Nice site with a lot of wreck information.




Cliff Simoneau

04-08-02 15:46:36 


I wanted to thank you for send me notification of this site. I look forward to contribution in the future. Also, want to let Inspiration divers know I have 2 open spots on my "Inpiration Only Whale Shark and Tagging Trip in Oct. of 2002" if it should interesting find out more at



yves christiaens

01-08-02 08:21:07 


Gefeliciteerd, zeer informatieve en vooral nuttige info gevonden op jouw site.
Zodra mijn ombouw naar wens is, stuur ik je de resultaten, met een duikverslag.
Blijven volhouden



Ad Vernet

31-07-02 21:20:37 


Jan willem, mooie site met veel goede informatie. Een echte aanrader voor aspirant rebreather duikers en geintereseerden.





29-10-02 16:24:24 


Lieve broer,

Tot mijn schaamte vandaag pas je site bekeken... geweldig mooi werk zeg !

Ik duik nu weer even terug in m'n werk,

zoen van je zus uit Parijs



Stuart Ward

27-10-02 02:21:47 


Great site ! How do you find time to keep it up to date ???



Dennis de Groot

23-10-02 20:51:29 


Hoi JW zeer goede site.



Steve Barlow

20-10-02 20:59:26 


Excellent site.
Safe diving.



mike ey

19-10-02 03:53:21 


great site , having served in the Royal Australian Navy as a diver 35 years ago ,great to see the some of the equipment i have used . CDBA was my favourite ,if i recall the set was made by dunlop in the United Kingdom .



Brian Gilgeous

14-10-02 13:11:52 


An excellent, well thought out piece of equipment!



Peter van Dam

07-10-02 21:43:42 


Zeer interessant en informatief

Peter van Dam




07-10-02 18:06:08 


nice site



Lange P.

05-10-02 21:32:21 


Heb eindelijk jouw site bekeken, ziet er erg mooi uit. Ga zo door.




Drs. Jos A. Scholte

26-09-02 20:06:48 


Met TRIMIX naar wrakken in helder water met veel vis naar 100 meter diepte:
a love supreme.



Dave Singh

16-11-02 21:44:04 


Dear Sir,
By just managing to read the few articles
which are in English,I find you site to be very understandable. Wish you would find the time to translate the rest so that more people will be able to visit your site to know more about rebreathers. Thank You.

Sir,I have a project in mind and would like your expert knowledge on this matter.

For a glass bell with people in it,which is to be lowered to a depth of 50ft (16m) and the inside pressure to be at surface pressure, what kind of rebreather do I need and how much will the cost be?

Thank You again Sir, waiting for your kind reply.




15-11-02 09:45:34 


Great site. Keep on , but to be more "international" you should translate all you pages in English.
I know it's hard and takes lot of time but You will get a real improvement, imho!




14-11-02 21:41:52 


todo sobre rb's ,que pasada..



Toni Nisiotis

14-11-02 09:46:22 


Jan, your Site is really helpful for RB Divers! Keap up the good work!



Roger Balmer

10-11-02 13:37:55 


Good site, keep on going



Tom Baker

07-11-02 20:16:36 


Very helpful site for all us learning to dive with rebreathers. I especially appreciated blunders page by Howard Hall, should remind us all to stay alert!



27 IDX 106 - Odinn

06-11-02 23:57:53 


Very good webpage you have here,
and best greetings to all your visitors.

You Are also --> WELCOME



Annalisa Ballerio

05-11-02 10:05:08 


danke und grazie und thank you for your site it's too usefull and complete. Bye to another dive.



Harry Valent

30-10-02 16:16:10 


Beste Janwillem,

Prachtig, prachtig; dat wordt internetten tot diep in de nacht.

Harry Valent




29-10-02 18:32:35 


Great Side! ) Lots of interesting Stuff. Keep up the good work (even when ist a hard one




25-11-02 13:25:13 


Grate site I am into home building i dive a homemade ccr and into building o2 booster pumps Homeboys the way to go




25-11-02 05:21:52 


Very good site.
Now I'm of with my BUDDY for a couple of hours
and video some mantarays.




Bruce Leinen

25-11-02 00:07:40 


Jan Willem:

As an Inspiration owner I must thank you for all of the photo's and helpful information contained on your web site. It must have, and surely still does, consume much of your time.




22-11-02 18:26:35 


Jan Willem,
zéééééééér duidelijke site, goede lay-out, kortom prachtig!

maar, bij wie kan je een speciale cursus KISS-rebreather volgen???
worden zelfbouwers niet verondersteld zich zelf te kunnen bekwamen in deze materie, zoniet houden ze beter hun handen ervan af!



Ekki Schepanski

22-11-02 09:00:57 


Great side, many interesting news and helps.
Nice Update:-)))



Keith Clark

22-11-02 05:33:32 


Great Site!
Keep up the good work.

There are a lot of RB ideas developing
in Southern California......




22-11-02 04:14:43 


I really like the new layout. Sorry to mention this bit again, but English would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.



Hans Grootscholten

20-11-02 23:11:38 


Ik vind jouw site heel interessant. Ik heb bij Dave Thompson een rebreathercursus met de Inspiration gedaan. Een bijzondere ervaring. Nog even sparen en dan....




Fred Starkey

19-11-02 11:58:40 






16-11-02 22:32:05 


I like your site very much !
What do you think about my site ?




17-12-02 19:51:37 



One of the most informative sites about rebreathers I've ever seen.
Keep on going!

Best regards,

... dive silent ...



Johan van Dijk

17-12-02 17:10:47 


Great site. Thnx! Keep it up to date...this is a goot piece of info.

Grtz Johan




11-12-02 21:41:12 


Superbe site qui rassemble beaucoup d'information. On ne peut que t'encourager de continuer.

Please go on with this well made site including a very good summary of information needed for ccrd divers



Clifford Simoneau

07-12-02 02:06:00 



Your site is very professional. I like it and will advise others to add it to their favorites list.

C2 Educational Expeditions, Inc.
Cliff Simoneau

Your and inspiration to get my site updated and current.




06-12-02 23:19:02 


Great site




Klaus Christensen

05-12-02 10:56:08 


Nice, very interesting site. I just miss the english version?



ian baker

05-12-02 01:20:49 


very interested in learning more about how to build rebreathers as the commercial unita seem overpriced when looking at what you get in say the 'ray' or 'dolphin' units in the U.K





04-12-02 17:55:33 


Good site. I'm in the process of starting a homebuild and sites like this are invaluable. There seesms to be a great community spirit in the rebreather world.



Dave Metcalfe

02-12-02 15:02:45 


Web Site excelent, very useful and informative, all best from ABEL Engineering.



Davy Koh - Singapore

28-11-02 10:23:43 


Thanks for making the efforts to put up this wonderful website and sharing the photos and rebreather infos.

Davy Koh
Kiss #039




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