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A big thank you for the people who made it possible to make  this web ! Many year and hours are contributed by all these people to gather this huge information stream to one source! Please remind these names! All these people offered there information free of charge and with a warm heart dedicated to this website! THANK YOU ALL.

Caroline Kraaijveld

 Voor het nalezen, corrigeren en al haar geduld,
(for being my wife, diver and mother of my daughter)

All people here

For helping completing my database oxygen rebreathers (3 years of work and ca. 5000 emails exchanging information from all over the world!
Werner Engelen sending pictures and information about the Draeger Tubben and High altitude breathing equipment
Michael Biesmans sending pictures about his Le Joky mccr rebreather.
David Elbaz sending his homebuild ECCR project
Markku Diedrich Information on how to mount an Argon Bottle to the Inspiration
Alexey Stekolshikow Information about IDA-72
Yves le Masson Sending excellent information about his rebreathers.
Rogier Willems Sending pictures of the Azimuth rebreather, and Azimuth dive preparation
Don Rusell allowing me to show his Pirelli rebreather
Mike Borrello sending information about the Survivair LP120
Imre Botos sharing his fine Norge 1 rebreather with us!
Tino de Rijk for his fantastic turtle film
Rita Oosterbaan photos of the Egypt 2006 expedition, and her endless work in helping me with translations!
Andre Schrama photos of the Egypt 2006 expedition
Ivo van Dam diving with me during Egypt 2006 expedition and swimming the best direction

Remco Neuteboom

Contributing his MCCR building [photos and diving with me, thanks remco!

Philippe Combis

Sharing his oxypic controller project

John Dekker

For allowing me to photograph his Biomarine MK 15 A

Gabriele Paparo

full face mask information, nice contribution by La Spezia diver !

Johan Duits

for cooperating on the Megalodon article "Megalodon in Holland"

Ivan Calcoen

offering MCCR data to my web.

Christoph Hellwig

Contributing with the Tourill MK 1.5 teardown

Juha Haapajärvi

For sending the BreatheWise rebreather information!

Ralph Buscemi

For information about his CC rebreather

Dan Dunfee

Ocean Quest, Dan thanks for your cooperation to the SLS article!

Jan de Groot

Nautiek Diving for offering me a huge data source and expertice! Website

Stefan T.

for sharing information about the Oxydrant rebreather

Bob Philips

Sharing litpac II photos

Andrei Yashin

Sending his modified Ray for diving the White Sea Russia

Frank Stoop

Photos Ouroboros Boot 2005

Jeroen Gompelman

Information of the Hydrogom CMF valve

Paul Channing

Adding a nice blunderstory (January 2005)

Shas and Peter Readey

For all there input and permission to publish unique materials!

Uwe Busch

Contributing with his "Black Water Nymph"oxygen rebreather

Filip Krolak

Information on his OC-CC mouthpiece!

Carsten Schulz

For sending info on the Kiss and Hammerhead unit

Stan Henning

sending information on his MCCR.

Bernd Rattay

Permitting me to use the Delphin-1 photo's and intersting materials of Dräger. Thanks!

Alexander Berger

Sending info about his  SCR.

Valery Mukhin

Sending info about his IDA59SCR

Kim Heidgren

Sending pictures of his Jan Box rebreather

Ing. Michael Jung

For the fantastic Hans Hass pictures and the permission to publish these pictures and additional information! Also about the Hanseatische Gesellschaft

Peter Jörnstedt

For sending beautiful pitures of his Modell 138 rebreather.

John Wyatt

For sending data about his Skinny Dipper Rebreather

Leigh Bishop

Contributing the Ouroboros article

Roberto Pachi

Sending info about BFT oxygen monitor system

Rob Davie †

Sending photos of his Expedition Inspiration

Nevil Adkins

For writing the article 'How Dolphins Work'

Pete Steggle

For sharing his technology regarding CO2 sensors

Uri Baran

Sending info on his new HUD for closed circuit rebreathers

Steve Z. Paige

For sending info on his biopak 45 converted rebreather + homebuilt RGUFM/Fenzy

Johannes Möller

For sending amazing material about several rebreathers!

Dave Pelly

For sending photos about 4th cell fitting in the Inspiration RB

Dave Ray

For Sending Second Wind Fenzy data from New Zealand

Johan Duits

Fors Sending pictures about his Kiss MCCR

Fabrizio Vittorio

For sending pictures of the Oxymixgers and Oxygers rebreathers

Jan Jahns

For sending me his SMS 1 pictures and information about this unit.
And wrinting the excellent article about CMF and gasflow through an orifice!

Grant W. Graves

For deeperblue magazines kind permission to publish Prism article.

Ken Culotta

For sending data about space rebreathers and about different patents.

Brian Robinson

For his tips and photos improving the oxygen rebreather database !

Carlo Marcheggiani

Report on his triple Oxygen sensor OxyEye

Joel Seymour

Kiss IDA71 conversion article

Andrew Gay

Sending MCCR Dolphin pictures (Kiss Dolphin)

Martin Lutz

For sending Big Hall Halcyon pictures

Peder Seippel

For sending his homepage with IDA and homebuild rebreather

Dave Bischof

Sending pictures of CCR rebreathers. Thanks Dave!
And sending the M&J diluent bar.

Monty Guest

For sending links about passive addition rigs

Rob Postma

 Voor de goede adviezen

Dave Sutton

 Voor de toestemming tot publicatie van zijn fraaie foto's

Kerry McKenzie

 Voor toestemming voor gebruik van zijn fotos.

Ivo van Dam

 Voor de goede adviezen

Kerry McKenzie

 Tips over Dolphin foto's

Penny Glover

Numerous tips, and thanks for all the diving

Tom Mount

 IANTD toestemming publicatie vergelijkingslijst

Innes McCartney

 Expedition page
Nils Eldby  Expedition page
Bruce Dunton  Expedition page
Tom Rose Permission to publish his article
Costa Dongas  Expedition page
Michael Waldbrenner  Expedition page

Rob Bakker

 Tips en adviezen

Dale Bletso

Special Dolphin photos

Jens Knedel

 Info on FGT 1D

Ake Larsson

Info about DCSC rebreather and tips, and many other hints

José de Veer

Advies en tips over inschaling

Juergen Bohnert

Photos about his passive addition BK2 rebreather

William Sewell

Photos from his pendulum rebreather and Stealth rebreather, and his MR101

Dave Thompson

Thank you for the Inspiration, the picture of rig 1, and all your good advice, and training!

Joerg Hess

Research on Co2 absorption
Gordon Smith and Kim Smith For his cooperation on the KISS article, and information on the Kiss valves, RIP Gordon
Dave Thompson For his info and photos and helping me out on ENGLISH ;)
Martin Parker For his advice and information.
Nicola Finn For help info and advice
Jason Mc Hattan To contribute to the identification of CCR breathers
Bob Howell For his inventions, numerous tips and involvement
Patrick Duffy Oxycheck's 'Expedition Sensor Cap / Flow Restrictor'
Dominique Breheret Photos about the Lama rebreather
Diving Heritage Photos and kind cooperation. Sorry to hear the website has finished! Please make a restart!
Nuytco Research Ltd. For there permission to use photos.
Chris Ullmann IART Sending pictures on Inspiration box for 20 ltr cylinders
Peter Oleander Sending pictures on modification backplate and wing
Brad Gilmore Sending information on Helium analyzers
Oliver Meise Article on Halcyon RB80
Dr. L. Weidinger Article on IDA71 and RG-UFM and  AKA60 with RG-UFM
Francesco Annis Thanks for sending info on the Azimuth AF
Bob Nicholson Article on BMD SCR4
Stephan Sent pictures of KM M48-Kiss-Prism-M48OC-Baby Kiss
Rudi Asseer Contribution on the Comedy Testimony, learning stuff
Uwe Lessmann Designer of the Submatix SCR 100 XT rebreather
John Volanthen His contribution on the Castaro C96
Richard L. Pyle For his kind permission to use his material. And for his great contribution to my understanding of rebreathers!
Philippe Gerin for  his story on the Kiss Style Azimuth rebreather, and for his contribution of the KISS wing design
Dr. Richard Harris for his contribution adding his homebuild CCR Kiss style.
Joe Radomski for adding pictures and information about his Titanium Turtle
George Kamarinos for the Greek translation for my oxygen rebreather research
Pete Mesley Contributing from New Sealand on O2 switch + information about his moisture absorber.
Jean Michel Urbani Sending his contribution to Dolphin CCR diving
Dr. Errol John Harding

For sending photos of his Abyss Closed Circuit Rebreather

Stefan Besier Photos Prism,CCR2000,RB80 and more thanks Stefan!
All your efforts in the Porpoise Pack and SM1600 report!
Your Great job in reporting the DEMA 2004 for all the readers! 

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