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Buy your nitrox rebreather NOW 28 may 2010

For sale, a late model royal navy Clearance Divers Breathing  Apparatus  (CDBA)

This rebreather remained in service with only minor changes for something like 40 years and enabled the diver to operate in semiclosed nitrox mode or closed circuit oxygen mode or switch between the two modes while diving. Something  that the Draeger LAR VII  and Spiro/ Aqualung Oxymix would not do until the late 90s

This model has the Alloy cylinders for Oxygen and nitrox mix with working pressure in Bar along with the Plastic pepper pot exhaust diffuser, which was modified to improve diffusion following the first gulf war.

This particular unit has remained in storage in its transit case and has only been taken out for periodic testing of the cylinders.  (last date 98) therefore this unit is in new and completely unused condition.

The Avon mask still has its protective film covering.

The pendulum scrubber still has its protective packing paper.

The nitrox mixture regulator comes with one mix jet fitted.

The quick release weight pouch was opened for photography and spare pull chords and a gas fitting were found inside.

In all this is the best condition example of this historic equipment I have come across in over twenty years.

Unit is located in south west of UK 

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