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Great homebuilders set to build your SCR / mCCR of modify other rebreathers 11 August 2013
This sale offers a huge collection of parts including computers, controllers and a complete Dolphin rebreather. The set is sold as 1 lot and is not sold separately. Transports cost for buyers account. Total weight is approx. 50-60 kgs. Unit has been dived recently. A fantastic offer for a fixed price of 2000,00 euro.
Black Dolphin with rEvo computer, Uwatec computer, Uwatec Oxy2 computer injectors and many spareparts.

For Sale

Dräger Black Dolphin SCR ( build 2006 )

Dolphin SCR:

-Black Shell
-Jacket black
-Injectors : 32% - 40% - 50%
-5 Litre Drager Nitrox bottle
-Drager Flowmeter 32% and 40%
-Drager Flowmeter 50% and 60%
-Uwatec OXY2 measuring oxygen fraction during the dive (Nr 02505)
-Uwatec Alladin AIR2 computer radio connected to OXY2 (Nr 16901) Pressure sensor bottle (Nr 30753)
-Additional pocket for bailout cylinder (2 ltr bottle)


-Injectors : 60% - 100%
-Filling adapter for Draeger valve M24 x 2 (M24X2 to DIN G 5/8”) 2 pieces
-Adapter Male G5/8”to female M24x2 to connect Draeger first stage to normal cylinder
-4 ltr Cylinder steel
-2 ltr Cylinder steel
-Additional inner mouthpiece valve
-Flow meter 0,2 to 1,2
-Elbow 90 degree (Tec-me)
-Straight piece (Tec-me)
-Diluent block

Parts for rebuilding Dolphin from SCR to mCCR


-rEvodream CCR complete with HUD /clip
-SCR rEvodream SCR/CCR complete with HUD / clip
-P-plug single entry PG7
-P-plug duel entry PG7


-Dolphin triple sensor house, 90grade (two cable glands) (PSR-11-MD3 are smaller)
-Cap to close Apeks DS4 for constant intermediated pressure
-Spanner for DS4 and other regulators
-Tool for opening and closing the scew of the Dolphin scrubber
-Plug set to close counterlung
-Standard valve M18 X 1,5 Air 230


-Dolphin back plate adapter
-Blok diluent


-CMF valve, for constant mass flow addition of oxygen
-Swagelok O2 clean ball valve

-Transport for buyers account
-Not sold separately !
-fixed price
1600,- euro
-payment per bank only
-payment per PAYPAL + 3%
-no creditcard payment
updated 31-03-2015
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