GAP - RGBM is a full-fledged decompression program that utilises B.R. Wienke's revolutionary RGBM decompression model side by side with unpadded Bulhmann's decompression model with the deep stop algorithm developed by Erik. C. Baker which is also used by GUE's decoplanner and the MF11F6 model as published by Hamilton Research Inc.

The depth, time gas values are editable under the table. You will see the consequences of your action direct!
This is a really fantastic option. You can adjust the dive to yours needs or possibilities!

GAP offers the possibility to plan your dives with AIR, Nitrox Trimix or closed circuit rebreathers. I have been using GAP on several trips and it is an ideal tool. The graphic interface shows both the Buhlmann profile as the RGBM profile. It offers facilities to plan OC Bailout and can do gas volume calculations. Runtime tables are generated and it is possible to choose different output formats.


The decomodel panel makes is possible to switch between RGBM and Buhlmann algorithm on the fly!


The Gas panel let you switch gasses on and off

Tissue and radius info is offered.

Bailout reports with export facilities in HTML, CSV and paper output.

A very strong facility in GAP is de Table expert tool (table generator) It offers tables in HTML, CSV or paper output.

Tables generated by GAP in HTML.

The standard features for all GAP-RGBM version can be summerized as follows:
Profile editor Graphical / Textual
Deco Model RGBM Full Iterative / ZH-L16B/ ZH-L16C / DCAP
View of profile Both RGBM and Haldane model side by side in profile editor.
Units Metric/Imperial
Gas switches Only limited by PC memory
Personalization Through templates.
Gas mixer Nitrox/ Trimix/ Heliair
Reporting CVS / paper / HTML
Table generation Tables expert/ Bailout tables
Scuba system Open Circuit / Constant PO2 rebreather
Decompression Switches Anywhere in the profile for OC and Setpoint and diluent for CCR
Altitude diving Setable until Mount Everest hight
Ascent / descent rates Configurable.

How to buy GAP:

I offer four versions of GAP software. You can download it by push the TRY-IT button.
When you install the program a hardware code is generated. When you sent me the hardware code and pay the bill I will sent you the license code is emailed to you.
Please sent the request per email (on the bottom of this page).



The world famous decompression software for the technical and recreational diver. We have:

GAP Recreational 49,00 Download
GAP Recreational Rebreather 99,00 Download
GAP Mixedgas 130,00 Download
GAP Mixedgas rebreather 180,00 Download

Price exclusive 19 % VAT. Outside EU no VAT is charged

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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