The use of manual controlled rebreather ask for specialised training. When you are new to this area of a fantastic sport please contact a friend who already build MCCR units and ask him for advise. Some people did not follow this advise and thought they new all about this system and are no longer among us. Please be sure you know what you are dealing with. This is life supporting equipment that supports you when you know what you are doing. Each buyer needs to undersign a certificate of indemnification.

These pages provides information about the Hydrogom valves. Hydrogom is a factory in the Netherlands that makes the best MCCR valves in the world. The Stainless steel high tech  valves are made
top precision machinery. We have 4 models available specially made for your needs. Hydrogom valves are made to provide oxygen to your breathing loop. When attached to a first stage regulator with the right fixed pressure the valve gives you a constant flow of oxygen that can be adjusted to your metabolic need. The orifice inside the valve is a high precision laser cut micro orifice that insures a constant flow. The use of MCCR valves asks for a  knowledge of closed circuit systems and a specialised rebreather training.
We have 4 models (00, 01, 02, 03) available. At the end we explain what models we have.
The upgraded Hydrogom valve
the valve during normal operation. A constant flow of oxygen is added to the loop
The valve during hand operated action, a large oxygen flow is added to the loop

tools needed for dismanteling
OK let us check out the different models:



Hydrogom CMF-Valve
Basic version 00, no hoses, no fittings
Standard with 70.000 lohms orifice. (+/- 5% tolerance )


CMF Valveset 00 information

CMF Valve order form 00


Here you see the Hydrogom CMF-Valve set in configuration 01.
Stainless Steel Hoses + Swagelok ball valve
This is the TOP model in the very best materials!

CMF Valveset 01 information

CMF Valve order form 01




Hydrogom CMF-Valve set in Configuration 02.
The functional solution!

No shut-off valve included

CMF Valveset 02 information

CMF Valve order form 02




Hydrogom CMF-Valve set in Configuration 03.
Quality and safety.

Swagelock shut-off valve included !

CMF Valveset 03 information

CMF Valveorder form 03


all prices are exclusive VAT.

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