FOR SALE Unique Russian rebreather IDA 71p
This unit has been used by the Russian military for many years.
Now in 2020 I decided to sell my IDA 71. The unit is in very good condition
Comes complete with bailout set and quick connector.
Wooden (extreme heavy) box and mask not included!
Price 595,- euro
Transport for buyers account
Transport worldwide* possible by DHL
Payment per bank
Payment per Paypal + 3%
This is the exact unit I have for sale, see bailout bottle on the right
This is my unit that is for sale
You see all the parts are in mint condition. Some minor oxydation on the hastelloy non magnetic pressure regulator
Counterlung anf scrubber are in perfect condition
Bailout connector plug&play, made in non magnetic material (this connector alone would cost a fortune in the rest of the world if made by the usual factory's!)
*If you buy this unit I will build a wooden crate to send it to you. The transport will be 2 x 20 kgs minimum
Fees for overseas transport on request. For some countries import limitations may be active.
Transport to exotic places can be arranged, I will bring it to you if costs are covered ;)

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