Contact:  td.bouwman(AT)
Unit and Frame is SOLD

AP Inspiration Vision #08J007038  (October 2008), app. 120 hrs of diving

Size counter lungs & harness: large

Cells have been changed March 2010


  • Including:

  • -          Scrubber monitor (Tempstick)

  • -          ADV

  • -          Latest mixing chamber cover

  • -          GSC (gas connector system) on manifold

  • -          Mini cylinder with DIN Valve

  • -          2 x offboard cylinder bracket set EV92 (metalsub / ap)

  • -          4-cell holder from narked@90 (if not wanted, it will be replaced by the original 3-cell holder)

  • -          Scrubber capping kit from Narked@90

  • -          Loop drying Bungs from Narked@90

  • -          DSV Screw from Narked@90

  • -          Spare diluent gauge

  • -          Pressure relief valve on first stages

  • -          Black Cover

  • -          Spare parts: Battery Box, hose, batteries, o-rings, mouthpiece kits, etc


Unit will be sold with harness instead of backplate.



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Travelframe Alu for AP Inspiration.
Extra weight added to standard Inspiration weight ~3 kgs.
Holes for Metalsubs pre-drilled
Located Netherland
Transport for buyers account.

Travelfram and Rebreather = Sold

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