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Some very nice old ship lighting 20 April 2013
These lights are for sale. The transport costs are for buyers account.
Old copper shiplights starboard (green) and Portside (red). These lights are ~600 mm high. There weight is 14,25 kg each. The lights are sold for euro 275 per lamp or for 450 euro together. On the Portside lamp the brass plate is missing. Transport for buyers account. SOLD
Lot # 1 frontside SOLD
lot#1 back side  SOLD
LOT NR 4 Old copper navigationlamp. Refitted with electric light bulb . Height 360 mm diameter ~245 mm. Price euro 175,00
lot #4
Lot 7. Old Zincplated oillamp, used on ship. Inside you find the oillamp and glas height 480 mm price 100,-- euro
LOT  10 Helmdiver height 670 mm highly detailled. Price 75,- euro SOLD
lot #10  SOLD
Please send your inquiries to jw.bech@quicknet.nl

Please understand these prices are: not-negotiable and exclusive tranportcosts!
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