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The DC55 of Spirotechnique is a state of the art passive addition rebreather. 11-10-2010

DC55  Presentation


Front view





The DC in the original wooden box.
Please note the very good state, very close to new.



Wide diameter hoses with recent DSV
(a barrel with a lever)
and  a “big” regulator.


Clearly, it’s not an old  “Fenzy” model but a recent 
“Aqualung-Spirotechnique” model (after 1997)

Bottom view



The bottom (which was not re-painted) is in a perfect state without stripes.


A damaged bottom with stripes could reveals a machine which was intensively used, which is not at all the case here..




Inside view 1


With inflated bellows

Inside view 2


With flat bellows.

Rear view


Inside the wood box, with the original Spirotechnique
straps with the yellow line in the middle.

Spare parts


-          One annual maintenance kit (see tag picture), a box composed of:

o   A regulator maintenance kit (o-rings, washer, seat, etc…)

o   A general kit (30 o-rings, a small bellow (important), washer,

seat for the “2nd stage”)


-          Other spare parts

o   A mouthpiece sealed in his bag

o   An additional  “circle” for the big bellows.

o   An additional canister plug



-          Filling adapter

A filling adapter is provided for the tanks:

Din female on one side, DC55 tank male on the other.


This machine is like new and a collectors item, but also a very high quality military specs diving apparatus. The passive addition technology can be found in other systems like the RB 80. This DC 55 can be yours when you buy this rare unit for EURO 2.500,00. Transport costs for buyers acount. If you want additional information please send your inquiries to:


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