Here you can read Hemenger's full patent text:  Hemenger 1893  patent


It seems Mr. Hemenger drowned in Copper Harbor. I have tried to get in contact with Ms. Kathy LaCombe. If anyone has more information about Arthur Hemenger or Kathy LaCombe, please let me know.

HEMENGER posted by Kathy LaCombe on Tuesday, April 28, 1998

My Great great grandfather was Arthur Hemenger, who resided in Algonac, Michigan. He was the son of Amasa Hemenger who was the first doctor in Marine City and St. Clair County. Arthur owned a salvage operation and apparently lived in Bell, Michigan for a while where I think my great grandmother was born. Arthur died during a salvage operation in Copper Harbor. I don't know if he fell in and drowned or if his barge went down with him on it. His body was recovered and he was buried in Algonac. Please help me find more about him and his ancestry.

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Arthur Hemenger was listed earlier when he obtained a patent in 1890.

A later patent of Hemenger's of 1893 carries this use of spiral wires considerably further. A metal casing is retained for the trunk, but both arms and legs are now covered with wire-stiffened waterproof cloth . The inventor complacently remarks:

"... (the) yielding arms and legs permit the diver to move his limbs about with more perfect freedom, for the coils will spread on one side and come together on the other when a limb ... is bent. . . ."

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