Sir Robert H. Davis mentioned Watson patent in the following way:

WATSON, 1903

A device patented by John L. Watson in 1903 is really as much a small diving-bell as an armoured suit, but it is included here on account of its resemblance to Lethbridge's apparatus, constructed nearly two centuries earlier.

It consists essentially of a rigid airtight casing (Fig. 539) in which the diver kneels, putting his hands through two flexible and watertight sleeve-gloves. The casing is supplied with air through a pipe, and is supported and moved from place to place by a barge. A detachable hood can be bolted on to the casing to convert it, so far as shape is concerned, into an ordinary diving-bell. When this is done, the diver can discard his gloves and open a door communicating with the hood.


R.H. Davis


August 2008
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John Watson designed a diving bell with some interesting futures. The diving bell was equipped with a toolbox placed on the outside of the bell. Also Watson made an escape system for the diver. The cover (G) is connected with the vessel by a rope (I) and secured to the diver (J) by rope (K), so that in case the bell gets fouled on the bottom or an accident happens thereto so that it cannot be promptly raised, the diver can unloosen the cover and be hauled up to the surface by the ropes...

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