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Frank William Walters patented his invention as U.S. 1226148 06-12-2010
Mr. Walter's invention has been designed in order to provide an improved construction of diving dress by which greater resistance to the water pressure will be obtained, thereby enabling the diver to work at greater depth than is possible with the ordinary dress. The invention consist broadly in the construction of the dress with an inner and outer liner each of witch is stayed or reinforced with metal bands or rings encircling it throughout, and which two linings are so disposed that an air space is provided between them, which when the dress is used, is kept filled with compressed air from the air pumps employed and the degree of compression of which is varied automatically with the variations in outside pressure. This method of construction provides a strong resistance to the water's pressure. The air between the two linings of the dress is governed automatically by valves of special construction arranged to admit air from the outer to the inner lining and to release it through the helmet into a pipe by which it is conveyed to above the water level. Each of these two valves is constructed to open to a more or less extent as the pressure of the surrounding water diminishes or increases with the variation in depth and thus to provide for a greater compression of the air with in the envelop formed by the two linings as the depth of water increases. This serves to support the pressure of the water so that the diver may work freely
  There are no leads to Mr. Walters except the patent US 1226148. The suit is one of the common systems applied with the use of bands and rings and does not improve the atmospheric diving suit principle. In fact the suit was a normal diving suit reinforced by the metal bands.  
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