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Rainer had a problem with the pressure test of his Vision. Read here what he found. 06 September 2010

I am a happy owner of a Inspiration Vision CCR . I bought it on 8 August 2009.

My problem is that the unit has always a little amount of water in the inhale counterlung after every dive (the exhale counterlung remains almost dry). It is not so much: between 50 and 100 ccm (3 and 6 cu in) after one hour of diving. But this means 300 (18 cu in) after a 3 hours dive. First I thought that it was my fault (a not optimal way of diving). I have to add that the vacuum test is not as good as I am used to, but the new convoluted hoses are softer than the old ones, so a test failure is more difficult to see. When I performed the test with a short cut (so the canister is no part of the breathingloop) yesterday the result was the same. The unit was obviously not perfectly airtight.

So I dismantled the inhale counterlung today and found some very little leaks. The pictures show the cause. It is obvious that the zipper is the cause and that the unit needs a repair.

So, what can we do? An additional problem is the above mentioned date. If the warranty is only one year it is over (for only 1 day).
I would like to keep the costs for APD and me (depending on your handling of the warranty) as little as possible. And in addition I would like to dive with my loved unit again as soon as possible. If asked to send me a new bladder that I can exchange by myself.



Dear  Jan Willem   

I would like to add some details to the original text which I sent to APD.
I never touched the bladder of the counterlung before. So the damage must have done by APD. Ok, such things can happen, but before sending the unit to the customer of APD they should have performed a more intensive final leak test.
I made the prescribed tests before every dive, but because of the little size of the leaks the described problem was not obvious enough for me. In addition, my buddies did not see any bubbles. The explanation is very easy for there is no positive pressure in the counterlung during the dive. I always try to have as little gas in the system as possible relying on the good adv.
A small amount of water in the counterlung sounds harmlessly, but when you press the inflator button and hear a loud gurgling sound a certain stress arises for you never know how much water it is.
The bottom line: APD sent a new bladder (free of charge!), and I could repair the problem by myself.



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