Armadillo Sidemount


Armadillo CCR Side mount System


Armadillo CCR side mount kit provides attachment points for carrying ultimately streamlined bailout bottles.

The basic setup consists from a "butt-plate" with tank attachment points and 2" strip of webbing with bungee loops to wrap around the tank valves.

The butt plate attaches to your existing back plate or soft plate (SS grommet screws provided) and has a tunnel for your existing crotch strap.

The entire system is completely modular and can be enhanced with Under Counter lung D-rings for clipping in standard stage bottles.

Here you see the Inspiration rebreather with Armadillo style side mounts.
Rita, thank you for your permission to expose these pictures of Tino!
The fins are left out intentionally to prove the reliability of the mounting of the 8 kg cylinders!
Thanks Tino!

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