Mounting a APD ADV
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After missing a proper Auto Diluent Valve for several years, I finally collected the money to buy the new Ambient Pressure Diving original ADV. Here you find some pictures how to fix this valve to your rebreather.
This is how the set was delivered. The shut-off valve is additional to the ADV
Instructions are provided with the valve!
The standard T-piece spanner is a simple tool, not very effective. You can buy a professional spanner in Belgium offered by Paul Lijnen IANTD Benelux
The spanner fits the T-pieve perfect
Hold the ring inside the CL and release the connector
You can now take the T-piece off and sand from all over the world is released ;)
Unclip the counter lung and open the counterlung
Find the zipper and take the counterlung out.
You can remove the counter ring now
The area that was clamped between the rings need to be thoroughly cleaned.
I used up my old Christmas serviettes with a special solvent that is oxygen compatible called Biox, to clean this area.
Push the counter ring in the lung
and center the ring in the lung
Now push back the inner counterlung in the outer counterlung and push the ring through the fabric
Here you can see the addition mechanism and lever
Diluent supply by a swivelling connector.
When you order an ADV tell APD if you own a old or new style rebreather. The older models have the same hose connector on inhale and exhale side. That has been changed for the newer models.
Don't forget to place the O-ring, and put some grease on it. I use only oxygen compatible grease although this could be argued with.
Connect the IP hose of the ADV to the distribution bar.
Then screw the ADV on the counterlung
The connection between the IP hose and the shut-off valve is a O-ring connection and made without tools.
Test the rebreather with the proper procedure for under pressure.
Mound the Audio alarm, and the job is done.

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