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Bob Howell created the OC-CC mouthpiece for his Inspiration. This page will be updated with reviews and update information. First view: looks great, I am very curious about the  performance. All comments are welcome.


The Donor Regulator is the Dacor Viper

The OC regulator will swivel to help stop jaw fatigue with a stiff MP hose.

Unit uses the inspiration non return valves.

To install he only needs to remove the nuts of his old Inspiration DSV with the Non-return  valves .

Then pop the Non-return valves in the new OC/DSV,  replace the nuts and install the donor regulator parts.
DONE !! The OC/DSV is installed in 10 minutes

WOB is also VERY LOW!!


Please sent your email with comments to this website. Any information on price and delivery please direct to Bob Howell. He can be found on his great website: http://www.rebreather.org.uk or by mail bob@rebreather.org.uk

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