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Here is some info I just received from the other side of the world. Pete Mesley sent me his changings on his rig. Have fun.

If anyone is interested here is a couple of modification I have made to my  Buddy Inspiration.
'by Pete Mesley NZ'
This is a totally redundant O2 source plugged into the solenoid so if I had a malfunction on my O2 side and it wasn’t the solenoid I could simply switch over to the secondary tank.
Obviously the 1st stage has been reduced to 7.5 bar. Also a great tool when I am on a weekends diving and I have 60 bar of O2 in my main cylinder and don't want to have to decant ( reducing pressure. I simply have my secondary cylinder pumped as high as I can do it and when my main cylinder reduces down to 20 bars, simply switch over to secondary tank.
The first three pics shows set up on unit. You can use any small size cylinder. The alu 2.6l cylinder fits a treat.
‘Secondary solenoid attachment’ pic shows of where she is plumbed into the block. 
A custom hose with a 3/8th standard thread on both ends allows simplicity.
This is a simplistic method to switch DIL through your ADV without jeopardising safety
Here I have simply attached a Sartec switching block to the other end of the AP valves standard hose. All I have done with the Sartec switching block is put 90 degree swivels (Poseidon ones) so the hoses are clean.
With this set up you can have both gases you want already plumbed in by means of a LPI connector and simply press the plug when you want to change DIL. All you have to do is add another 90 degree fitting and LPI male attachment.
This is also REALLY good if you have to total electronics failure and are stuck at 6m on deco. Instead of manually having to feed O2 into the loop you simply attach your O2 feed LPI to the ADV, hey presto you have a totally manual O2 rebreather. So when the loop volume reduces your ADV will kick in!!
Image # 1 shows Block in place and waiting for offboard DIL attachment
Image # 3 shows LPI for man DIL feed can be used normally too!!
Kind regards
Pete Mesley
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