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This page shows a few solutions on transporting the Inspiration Rebreather. For sure there will be more possibilities, so please let me know if you found another case or transport method!
The Inspiration is delivered in a good quality case with following specifications:
  • External dimensions 710mm x 460mm x 370mm = ~ 27.95" x 18.11" x 14.6"
  • Weight 4.185 kg
  • Color green
  • Material polypropylene
  • No holes in bottom
  • Price approx ₤ 30
Recently I received from Stephan 'Mad Mole' Hawkins information over the latest inspiration case. It is a new model Gator-box grey collored and has the following dimension:
Inner dimensions
W = 49cm
H = 36cm
L = 65cm
Outer dimension
W = 53cm
H = 39cm
L = 73cm

Weight will be approx 6-7 kg


Recent ontving ik van Stephan 'Mad Mole' Hawkins informatie over een nieuwe inspiration kist. Deze grijze kist is iets groter dan de groene 'oude' uitvoering.
W = 49cm
H = 36cm
L = 65cm
W = 53cm
H = 39cm
L = 73cm

Gewicht circa 6-7 kg (niet gewogen)

Advantage of the APD gator case is that it can only be lifted in the correct position. This is because the handles are put in this way. Big chance the gear stays in one piece. General experiences are positive on using the gator box in aeroplanes! (Tips from Tino de Rijk from the Netherlands, thanks Tino for sharing this information)

New introduced to the market:

EXPLORER CASE model 7641.

Watertigh, very rigid.

Vaartuigenlaan 73

Telefoon: 0348 421 943
Fax: 0348 430 306



Internal dimensions
30 1/8"
19 1/8"
16 3/8"
2 3/8"
13 15/16"
External dimensions - mm.
32 13/16"
21 11/16"
17 5/16"
Weight -12,2 kg. / 27 Lbs
Temperature rating
-33įC / +90įC
-27įF / + 194įF



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Internal Dimensions:
27 L x 18.1 W x 15.9 D in
Lid Depth / Base Depth:
4.7 / 11.2 in
External Dimensions:
29.1 L x 20.3 W x 17.3 D in (without handle)
30.0 L x 20.3 W x 17.8 D in (with handle and wheels)
Weight (empty):
30 lbs with handle and wheels
27.2 lbs without handle and wheels
Submersion Test Depth:
1 meter
Ultra high impact ABS, nylon, polypropylene, stainless steel hinge pins, silicone rubber o-ring


about 225 US dollar

Details:  HERE 


External Dimensions:
25.81 L x 17.5W  x 16D 
high-density polyethylene


about 360 US dollar

Details:  HERE 



Product 145*079
Dimensions 56.5 x 79 x 32.5 cm
Capacity 107 l

Details:  HERE 

The Diverís Companion, the new revolutionary integrated storage and transportation system designed for divers equipment, in both the leisure and commercial industry. Diverís Companion, is aimed to improve the diverís welfare and the containment and management of essential diving equipment. Features incorporated are lockable equipment storage/handling case for the storage of divers equipment. A 316 stainless steel trolley with adjustable handle for transporting scuba air cylinders with pneumatic wheels, lockable castors & quick release air cylinder retaining strap.

(Information reached me that the Inspiration should not fit in this case. I sent a request to this company but did not receive a reaction. Please check careful before buying this case. Tip thanks to Ryan Crawford)

Details:  HERE 

Material...............Polypropylene * 3 Dial combination lock * 5 Year guarantee * Ball bearing wheels * Spring loaded handles * Size 78 x 57 x 26cm

Price: £

Details:  HERE 

A very large program produced by Zarges, they make cases in almost every dimension.

Details:  HERE 

New Jumbo Size Case (Model #1660) Pelican's newest equipment protector case will protect heavy or large equipment from severe handling in all weather. The #1660 is the largest Pelican Case made and features reinforced rounded bumper corners, rigid wall technology, locking flanges, massive multiple latches, dual 50mm hard rubber wheels and retractable extension handle. Available with full foam (#1660) or 2-tier modular padded divider set (#1664). Colour: Black only. Approximate Outside Dimensions: 80cm L x 58cm W x 48cm D.

Details:  HERE 


This one was sent to me by Bob Olson he uses a case made by Contico Manufacturing. Cheep website on this page 
The unit is made with wheels and handle. Size 37" x 21" x 20". Bob, thanks for your input!

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