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Well, here is third Twinspiration story.  This one is sent by Dave Thompson. He is making a study on how to built a reliable Twinspiration with smart and simple design.  The pictures are not his definite design, but just a study and tryout model. Later there will be lots of modifications but we will follow the progress....

Take CARE:

This Twinspiration, its worth it to say I would not dive with just one handset, the vr3 is back-up on the primary loop. As yet the second loop has no electronics. swimming pool testing was done by running the second loop as an o2 rb. Therefore this rig is not ready to dive with and is just an experimental model!


OK, what do we see:


  • Back plate style mounting
  • Bob's ADV
  • Modified overpressure valve on exhale lung
  • Quick release counterlungs
  • Two mouthpieces
  • One handset
  • Two different colored mouthpieces
  • 1 Short and 1 longer loop
And what do we see here:
  • 2 liter cylinders
  • Modified scrubber lid
  • Dolphin scrubber!
  • Wing rebuilt with counterlungs inside
  • 2 Sets of T-pieces, one front (original location) and one set on the modified wing.


Here we have a better view on what Dave did. He filled his wing with two counterlungs and mounted two T-pieces. The second pair of hoses are located behind the original scrubber in the direction of the Dolphin scrubber. On the top of the modified lid you see Bob's fourth cell holder, a possible link to a VR3 or other measuring device. In case of the newer hammerhead lid it could even be equipped with 5 cells, 4 in the lid and one extra cell in the external holder.
Here we can see how the interior was built. Because shorter two liter bottles were used, there was space created for the second scrubber. Dave told me that in a later stadium the box would be exchanged for the 7 liters  box, and then 5 liter bottles are going to be used. In this way a incredible compact design is realized! The set will then look something like this:

 Here is the rear view.
It has to be said that the rig looks very cool. Although Dave is in the progress of this design, he would only use it when completed. Things who are still to change are: Bigger housing for 2 x 5 liter cylinders. Hammerhead lid for the primary Rebreather, and original Inspiration lid for the redundant rebreather. Extra connection to VR3 for real time decompression.

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