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I was very pleased to receive the compliments of Yves Le Masson for my database oxygen rebreathers. He added a treasure, a powerpoint about the LAMA rebreathers. I am very pleased to show the LBS and in another article the SCANUBA.
The Lama series helmets and rebreathers were made by a French company called LAMA (Laboratoire de Mecanique Applique). The director of this company was Yves le Masson. They developed the "Bubble Helmet" used in the 80's BBC series "Sea Trek". Before this period the Lama company developed several rebreathers. In an earlier article you could find more information.


This wonderful unit is called the LBS. LBS stands for Lockout Breathing System. It was designed to be used from a submarine that consist of a pressurized chamber with a lockout for the diver. A second part of the sub was build to be atmospheric. The unit used mixgas supplied by a umbilical. Double scrubbers and gas heating was supplied. The unit designed in the 80's is a beautiful unit, and should be an example for constructors of today!


The L.B.S wa equipped with communication between diver and attendant. Also there was a double gas supply system. Gas was added by means of a solenoid and injections where dependant to the divers breathing frequency.


Communication was mounted in the atmospheric part of the submarine. Notice that the gas is supplied at 10 bar, meaning a maximal depth of < 90 meters.

The unit works in closed circuit modus. It is a rather unique system. The solenoid injects the mixgas with a constant mass. The length of the injection depends on the divers VO2! The injection length was limited by a time limit to guard the max pO2.


The units is isolated with polyurethane. Double counter lungs, double scrubbers and heating system are supplied.

De scrubbers are easy to exchange. Direct access from the outside is provided.


The counter lungs are supplied with heating elements to heat the gas for cold environments.


Heating element for gas heating.


I would like to thank Yves Le Masson for sending me this information. The LAMA L.B.S.  shows a very high quality and a fantastic design! Thank you!


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