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The MLW is an back-pack rebreather like the most fire-fighter SCBA (Semi closed breathing apparatus) The shoulder straps are made from a cotton mix.

The facemask is an modification of the regular gasmask model MLW-13013. The mask is maiden from black rubber. The face setting is leather. Not the best stuff available, but for the wearer rather comfortable. 

the open unit, detail: throw away scrubber not available
That is the over pressure valve and the inspiration valve.
When the pressure in the loop gets to high, the counter lung moves the lever and the pressure is reduced..
Here you see the expiration valve. It is the typical valve of rebreathers from MLW and the  Russian models. It is made of stainless steel and is extremely reliable.
Detail from the regulator. Like the most SCBA rebreathers, the MLW has an constant flow plus an auto addittion valve. The flow is 1.2 litres per minute. The regulator fits for the regular German oxygen thread.
The cylinder is 2 litres, and is filled to 200 BAR. The on/off knob is big, with a rubber periphery for easy gripping with gloves or cold hands, and is marked with the MLW logo. On the right upside you can see the lever for the oxygen flush.
Here you see the lock system of the shell.
Spring operated belt snap
The oxygen cylinder is hold by an stainless steel spring. Also simple, but works ok. The white cross on the green background means medical oxygen.
The counter lung is maiden in grey rubber. It has an internal anti-collapse spring. This is a typical Dräger feature.
The gauge has an rubber coated. The measuring range is from 0 to 300 kilopond/cm2. 300kp/cm2  is 4266 psi.
The serial number with model number.
The outside of the shell. It is  reinforced with grey rips of plastic. In the middle the additional ID-plate.
On the ID-plate the type number is visable, the government registration number, the date of building and the serial number again. That is typical German, one item,  but two ID-labels.

Old  technology , but superior design.

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