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This is the best way to use oxygen rebreathers. You will have big fun approaching the shore with this one! The people on the beach will make lots of noise!
It is also a very nice way of going to a beach party. They love your costume!
This could be the way Cousteau made his impressive pictures of monsters of the deep ;)
If anyone of you has that much money he wants a great adventure, please sponsor my octopussy project. Estimated costs, 150.000 dollar all in. ( exclusive patent rights)  I have the rebreather in house already!
If anyone of you already knows a nice name for 'her' please let me know @ jw.bech@quicknet.nl

OK, I think you know enough... If you want to know more please sent me an email or cheque.
I have the full patent text, and lots op plans with octopussy.....
Imagine a diving club event, 20 new divers @ 10 mtrs doing there first skills...
or "My first cave lessons......"
A row of old fisherman along a canal, diehards at 23:00 in the knight waiting for there big catch....




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