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This page shows the Simbal rebreather 07-01-2013

Liquid Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (LOBA)

When oxygen production facilities increased in numbers during the 1914 - 1920 period in Germany, it became likely these techniques would be used for developing new models of Breathing apparatus. Based on this information Draeger developped in 1920/1923 the Draeger Draegerolith. This unit was equipped with one metal spiral that contains the liquid oxygen. The ambient heat evaporates the liquid oxygen. This unit was for logistic reasons not accepted, despite the cold breathing air (oxygen). Because the physiological characteristics of these units were liked, draeger continued to develop units like Simbal and LOX 120. The counterlung, scrubber and oxygenreservoir were mounted in a glassfiber shell. (check this page if you want to see the covers made, last picture on page). Unfortunately the principle use of these rebreathers encountered problems, since before use the units had to be filled with liquid oxygen a unpractical problem in miningindustry. The liquid oxygen breathing apparatus have been made in small numbers for that reason.
Simbal rebreather
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