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Dräger Delphin - 1

Date: 12-08-2004

Database oxygen rebreathers by: J.W. Bech

Manufacturer Dräger Distributed by Baracuda
Model Delphin-1
Land of origin Germany
Special Note:  First Barakuda model tummler?
User group Civil/ sports diving  
Part no:
Working principle Manual addition
Gas type Pure oxygen
Cylinder volume 0,4 liter
Max. cylinder pressure 200 bar
Material of cylinder Steel
Counterlung inspire volume 6,3 liter
Counterlung exhale volume n.a.
Dive time duration Approx 1 hour
Operating temperature -
Magnetic signature -
Weight ready to use in Air 4,2 kg
Weight ready to use in water Neutral?
MOD 6 mtrs
Scrubber material 0,5 kilo
Colour Orange/ brown
Worn Chest
Mouthpiece shut off valve ?
Overpressure valve Not available  
Oxygen addition By opening the bottle valve  
Additional information: http://www.rebreathers.de  
I would like to thank Bernd Rattay for his kind permission to use these material!!    
If you have any information to add this sheet please mail it to jw.bech@quicknet.nl References to source and names will always be added!      
Info: http://www.rebreathers.de    
Origin: http://www.therebreathersite.nl    


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