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 Dräger kleintauchgerät model 138

Date: 3 December 2002


JW. Bech





“Modell 138 “


Land of origin



Special Note: 

Used by Hans Hass

Devoloped by H. Stelzner

User group

Sports, derived from gegenlunge

 Xarifa 2 expedition

Part no:



Working principle

Constant Mass flow with bypass


Gas type

Pure oxygen


Cylinder volume

 0,6 ltr

 90 liter volume

Max. cylinder pressure

150 bar


Material of cylinder



Counterlung inspire

4.5 ltr (?)


Counterlung exhale



Dive time duration

3/4 - 1 hour


Operating temperature



Magnetic signature



Weight ready to use in Air



Weight ready to use in water




Max 20 meter.

 in these days ;)

Scrubber material

Caustic, Modern materials are used now as well









Front, double hose



Shut off valve














  In 1942 Hass planned an expedition. Because of the raging war, however, it could be only carried out in the Aegean Sea, not in the tropical ocean. During this expedition, he planned to combine the great mobility provided by flippers with a self-contained breathing apparatus In the spring of 1941, Hass met Hermann Stelzner, the technical director of the Dräger Company in Lübeck, Germany. Together they rebuilt the "Dräger-Gegenlunge", an oxygen rebreather, and made alterations to the breathing bag and the oxygen supply valve. The continuous flow regulator fitted to the Gegenlunge was replaced by a simple push-button valve, allowing the diver to manually admit oxygen to the breathing bag according to his varying consumption and to control his buoyancy. To produce an advantageous center of gravity in all swimming positions, the breathing bag was moved to the back. Hass replaced the original goggles he had been using up until this time, with a circular diving mask that enclosed the eyes and nose. The use of flippers turned the self-contained oxygen rebreather into a swimdiving apparatus, which Hass used constantly on all his expeditions from 1942 on.

 The use of the 138 rebreather y Hans Hass is part of a ongoing  search for facts now,

I will soon publish further details.


If you have any information to add this sheet please mail it to jw.bech@quicknet.nl References to source and names will always be added!  


Info found:


Origin: http://www.therebreathersite.nl


Info: Thanks to Peter Immerz


Comment from Peter Immerz:

A short answer for a start: I will dig out more and more precise information when I can allocate time.

 The 138 was developed by Ing. Hermann Stelzner at Dräger (derived from a submarine rescue appartus : U-Boot Tauchretter) for the inventor of the modern swim diving method (oposed to the the classic walking hard hat divers) Hans Hass. The unit I have now was initially owned by a member of Hans Hass Xarifa 2 expedition - Klaus Wissel. He actually drowned with this unit on that expedition.

After that it was owned by Klaus friend Ortwin Sacher-Woenckhaus who took it to Hurghada at a time when there was no tourism at all! The book Ludwig Sillner, "Ein kleiner Sprung ins große Meer" (A small step in the big sea) describes how they did a 7500km trip with two cars, one of them a VW Beetle, and it has some pictures. Also I have original pictures of the unit and its owner from the oldest german diving magazin (approx. 1956).

 If I fix a small hole in the breathing bag the unit is ready to dive.




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