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Dräger Norge II Oxygen rebreather

J.W. Bech


Extra remarks


Drägerwerk, Lubeck, Germany

Manufactured from late 1950 to mid 1970.


Norge II


Land of origin



Special note

Is very similar to LT Lund II  & Norge I (see below)






Part no:



Working principle

Closed Circuit Rebreather



Pure Oxygen


Cylinder volume

2 x 0,8 ltr


Max. cylinder pressure

200 bar


Material of cylinder

Steel alloy


Loop volume

11 ltrs


Counterlung exhale


(Only one breathing bag)

Dive time duration

~1,5 hrs// ~3 hrs

Depending on flow rate

Operating temperature

Not Available

Has been extensively used in cold water.

Magnetic signature

Not a magnetic


Weight ready to use in Air

15 kilo


Weight ready to use in water

Slightly negatively buoyant with full bag


MOD on Oxygen

8 meters (mil std)

PO2max = 1.8

MOD on Nitrox (if available)

Not available


Scrubber material




Black (The Norge I is red)



Front & Back

Breathing bag and CO2 canister on back, tanks on front


With strap

Open/Close by lever




Oxygen addition

Constant mass flow

0.9 to 1.3 L/min

Extra oxygen:

manual bypass

Extra:Standard flowrate adjusted at 0.9 l/min. For recreational purposes tuned back to 0.3 ltr/min.

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Info at: Åke Larson’s home page: http://members.chello.se/teknosofen/

Detailed information: http://members.chello.se/teknosofen/NII_main.htm

Origin: http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/jw.bech/Index.htm



The Draeger Norge II (article no Draegerwerk T5650) is an Oxygen Closed Circuit rebreather.

The Lt Lund II is the successor of the Lt Lund I and the model 138, the latter was the classical Baracuda tauchgeräte that Hans Hass used in the 1940's. According to G. Haux "Tauchtechnik" the Lt Lund was developed 1953 - 54 in collaboration with the Norweigan Navy and Leutnant Lund. 

The main improvements made to the Norge (as compared to the Lund II) were:

·         Larger (3.8 L) sorb canister

·         Larger diameter breathing hoses

·         Larger diameter non-return valves placed in the DSV

·         The pressure gauge is mounted directly on the manometer

The Norge unit comes in an early version , the Norge I, with a canvas breathing bag and a later, Norge II, (shown below) with a fabric reinforced rubber breathing bag.

( text Ake Larson’s homepage)


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