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Thanks to Werner Koerver and to Wilhelm Dormeier I was able to buy my very OWN Dräger 1930-1935 designed and 1936 build KG130 rebreather. The rebreather was the design following the KGG rebreather, the Dräger Klein Gasschutz gerat.
If you download piclens you are able to see this gallery
Many parts of this KGG unit are simular to the KG130. Main differences are the hose configuration and attachment of the scrubber and oxygen bottle
The characteristic cover consisting of one complete closing door and one smaller door resulting the user could open or close the oxygen bottle. This lung operated dosage technique would later be used in the widely spread and used Heeresatmer.
Here you see an old advertisement showing a firefighter wearing the KG 130
Beside the use for firefighters more than 300 units are sold to protect the user from dangerous gasses, or irrespirable atmospheres.
Same technique as used in modern rebreathers. Under pressure testing + emptying the loop to get rid of unwanted nitrogen.
OK, now let us look at my new baby:
A 1936 KG130 unit. Original oxygen bottle included and disposable scrubber inside. The counter lung is very old and the rubber desintegrated  unfortunately
Here you see the mask. Like all rubber parts it seems to me that in 1936 they were not able compose the rubber in the manner we do now. If you look at the original black handwheel of the oxygen bottle you see it is white! White is the original color of rubber. I think no coal was added then... If anyone is expert on rubber composition please let me know! The mask is fantastic but also in poor condition, but for a 72 year old mask.....
All fittings are connected with rubber seals
Inside of the mask
Mask spider
The famous Dräger Gauge. These units were extremely well cared.
Check out the locking mechanism.. ;)
If you know the reason of the orange spot on the needle, please let me know!
The locking mechanism of the rebreather cover
This bottle survived the second world war!

150 bar cylinder, and old cylinder valve.

(here is some additional information I received from Joe, who's homepage is found here: Joe tauchretter

"The white rubber ring was done on purpose , it denotes that the valve is from Dräger , a black rubber ring is from Auer ( during this time period )"

 "The poor condition of the rubber is due to the fact that most of the rubber made in Germany at this time was synthetic and was called Buna-S , this was a very bad compound and many called the " S " Shit . The Synthetic rubber we have today is called Buna-N which is far superior".

Here you see the gas dosage mechanism.
Scrubber could be used until 1975. Since shelf times were 5 years the units have been in use until 1970!! (at least)
Draeger used this scrubber cartridge in simular units like KG1928 - 1931 -130 - 210 und HHS24 (Feuer und Huttengerat 24 ? anyone?)
First stage was officially sealed with Dräger  seal
Spider webs and Copper oxide, the teeth of time ;)
This is the magnificent overpressure valve. It opens when the mushroom is pressed against the steel bridge above it ! Opens mechanical!
Here you see the destructive corrosion effect of sodalime on everything! I will take the scrubber out later and dispose the lime, don't worry
The first door uses an device made in brass to center and pix the first door.
As earlier mentioned, all parts of this rebreather were maintained extremly well!
The housing was designed with a curve and openings for better breathing comfort

In 1936 the 3000 th KG 130 was sold!

The Pulmo automatic control lever

I am really happy I obtained this unit and preserved another piece of rebreather history! If you have manuals, old units or other information? Please feel free to send it to me. It will be used for the rebreather collection.

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