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Oxygen rebreathers based on a chemical process belong to the oldest types. The system uses chemicals that absorbs CO2 and generate Oxygen. This system was used on a large scale by the Russian designers for the IDA series rebreathers. Also Fenzy makes units even today based on this principle. Disadvantage is the exothermic reaction of the chemical, and the violent reaction with water. This explains why many accidents happened in the russian army with these systems. Although the idea is superb the use for under water is limited to submarine escape systems and escape systems. Smaller units used in mines also use this principle.

Correction :

The given reaction is wrong,it is not balanced:

2K02 + C02 -> 2K2C03 + 3/2 O2 + heat

Only one K2C03 is produced.

The correct reaction is:

2K02 + C02 -> K2C03 + 3/2 O2 + heat
(thanks to Anders Puranen Sweden)

One canister with sofnolime the other with KO2

The system used in many portable units such as the Russin IP4 is a system where CO2 is rapidly produced upon activation by breaking a container of sulfuric acid so that it is mixed with bakingpowder making CO2

(H2S04 + K2C03 -> K2S04 + H2O + C02). This high dose of CO2 then reacts with the 'O3'-scrubber and gets the scrubber going and O2 flowing...

(addition by Anders Puranen, thanks)

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