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 Faser W2000 oxygenrebreather

Date: 16 June 2002

 Not for UW use

JW. Bech







Land of origin



Special Note: 

Fire fighting / Toxic/Mines 


User group



Part no:



Working principle

CMF 1,5 ltr/min bypass 80 l/m


Gas type

100% Oxygen


Cylinder volume

2 litres


Max. cylinder pressure

200 bar


Material of cylinder

Steel / composite


Counterlung inspire

6,5 litres


Counterlung exhale



Dive time duration

Ca 4 hours


Operating temperature

-6 to 30 deg. C


Magnetic signature



Weight ready to use in Air

16 kilograms


Weight ready to use in water






Scrubber material

6,5 ltr












Dual hose shut off valve

















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Info found: http://www.faser.com.pl/eng/News/w2000eng.htm


Origin: http://www.therebreathersite.nl


Info: The Factory of Rescue Equipment and Miner’s Lamps Faser S.A.
42/44 Nakielska Street 42-600 Tarnowskie Gory Poland
32 285 07 77





"F A S E R" S. A.   Joint  Stock Company

POLAND  42-600  TARNOWSKIE GÓRY  ul. Nakielska 42/44

phone  + 4832 285 07 77,  fax  +  4832 285 34 13

e-mail : dob@faser.com.pl




The development of mining techniques together with industrialisation of the economy in Poland brought out the problems of workers’ safety in the mines and factories.

Therefore , in 1954 the Minister of Mining and Power Industry brought FASER - the company which is specialized in the production of respiratory protective equipment - into being .

The factory location on the area of Upper Silesia is not accidental . Here , there is a tradition of the production of respiratory protective devices for Underground Mining , which goes back to the1920’s. From the very beginning , FASER has been manufacturing breathing apparatus on the grounds of its own , original designs . Initially the range of products was narrow.  At present the production profile is considerably broader and the quality of these products is high . In confirmation of this, there are awards which our products have gained .

The Self-contained closed-circuit oxygen escape breathing apparatus type AU-9A was awarded a prize

- the gold medal - at the International Fair in Poznań in 1983 .

In 1989 gas regulator R-10 type obtained the State Quality Symbol , which was conferred by the Gas and Oil Mining Institute in Kracow .

The SR-100A  chemical oxygen (KO2) escape apparatus gained distinction in the competition for improvement of working conditions held in 1991 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy . The American technical magazine

“ Research and Development “  recognized  our SR-100A chemical oxygen escape apparatus  to be the super light apparatus of 1991 .

Our products are designed to protect human life and health . Therefore they have to be highly effective and absolutely reliable in operation.  These are the test results that determine enforcing a new apparatus . The tests are conducted in our own laboratories and design workrooms.

Our products are additionally subjected to checking by Polish classification institutions such as:  Higher Mining Office in Katowice ,  Central Institute of Labour Protection in Warsaw,  Central Mining Institute in Katowice, Central Station of Mine Rescue Work in Bytom and Scientific Research Center for Fire Protection in Józefów , near Otwock city, and to EN standards. Every product which is sold by us is possessed of Certificate from at least one of these institutions .

The equipment manufactured by FASER is applicable mainly in mining, the metallurgical, petrochemical and chemical industries and moreover in health service, fire brigades, the shipbuilding industry and farming.     

We have been exporting our goods for many years. A confirmation of good opinion of our product having been obtained among foreign customers; is to keep continuity of export.

We keep export activity in co-operation with Polish foreign trade firms such as KOPEX, VARIMEX and Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade. We have succeeded in conducting our independent export activity.

Since 1990 FASER has a share in Limited Liability Company “ INTERGAZ “ - Gas Equipment Construction Plant.  The other shareholders  are :  Polish Oil Mining and Gas Engineering in Warsaw and Kromschroeder A.G. from Osnabrück in Germany .

The “ INTERGAZ “ company is engaged in the production of gas meters .

On the 1st of April, 1991 FASER got the status of self-dependent , state financially self-supporting enterprise . At present the total  capital assets of the enterprise make it its own property . On the 1st of April , 1997 FASER was converted into a Joint-Stock Company . Our factory obtained the ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate on 01.06.1999. The main source of income of our firm is sale of products. Additionally we develop designs for machines and equipment as well technological projects to customers’ orders. We also render services within the range of the production and process engineering.

For many years we have attended all Polish trade fairs related to work protection and also Polish and foreign exhibition events. In the future we are going to hold to our existing production profile, extending it by the production of modern respiratory protective equipment, designed for the general public in cooperation with foreign firms which have been manufacturing a similar product range.


The FASER management is open to every form of commercial and production cooperation

projects with partners from Poland and abroad .  




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