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This page is about interesting books. The books arenot sold by mebut by the company or person as mentioned. If you are interested to add your book feel free to contact me for the conditions. updated 09-04-2019

'Closed Circuit | Open Sourced' is a presentation of the author’s rebreather design philosophy and theory. While rebreather technology has been in use for centuries, it has only seen more widespread adoption since the turn of the 21st century. Despite this recent boom, the technology remains slow to emerge for utility within working or occupational diving environments. Here, the author recounts almost two decades of experience with this technology and presents several considerations that may help guide future standardization of the technology towards discovering future market opportunities. The author shares anecdotal experiences as well as actual engineering design and operational considerations that weigh on his design philosophy, and presents this for consideration through modifying existing rebreathers and designing entirely new systems or subsystems. Detailed information is presented on topics not often covered during rebreather training programs such as configuring offboard gas distribution, bulk loading and theoretical bed life for scrubbers, and theory on redundancy in oxygen monitoring. The book further presents several future opportunities in rebreather utility within the recreational market, rebreathers for mini habitats, and rebreathers configured for working dives. Readers from new rebreather divers to well seasoned experts as well as manufacturers or designers will benefit from the material within this book.


Michael Lombardi is a diving technologist and undersea specialist with experience in all modes of human intervention. He has personally spent thousands of hours underwater for 'work' spanning both academic and industry sectors, and is widely published in the field. He is a strong advocate for closed circuit rebreather technologies, having turned to their use for deep scientific exploration in the early 2000's. More on Michael's work can be found at www.oceanopportunity.com.


Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1985160234

An e-version is now also available: http://www.lulu.com/shop/michael-lombardi/closed-circuit-open-sourced/ebook/product-24058033.html



'Technical Diving from the Bottom Up'

The definitive guide for the Recreational and Technical Diver.
Nearly 500 A4 pages packed with a vast variety of information about all aspects of diving from physiology through to expedition planning.
Included are several 'guest' chapters from leading lights in the industry such as Richard Pyle and Tom Mount. 

A must read for all divers. 

RRP £45 plus shipping. 

Available through VR Technology Ltd.  

Ph +44 (0)1258 859140. Fax. +44 (0)1258 858527

Technology House

23/25 Bridge Street

Bailie Gate Ind Est

Sturminster Marshall

Wimborne, Dorset

BH21 4DB

orders: Amberlee@technologyindepth.com or



At the end of  2010 Dr Stracimir and his son Dr Gojko Gosovic published their in English translated book COMMERCIAL AND NAVAL DEEP DIVING MANUAL, in which the fundamentals of Deep Diving Technique and Medicine are described.

The content of the book directs itself on modern deep diving with a Deep Diving System (DDS) at a depth of over 50 meter (165 feet). During deep diving, divers utilize two-or three-component oxygen depleted gas mixtures. In relation to depth, diving between 60 and 200 meter is considered as a standard deep dive; dives over 200 meter are categorized as dives at exceptional depth. Deep diving can be divided into short-term (bounce) diving and saturation diving. 

The hardbound book contains 485 pages (dimensions 25 x 18 cm / 10””x 7,5”) and describes on a very comprehensive way the techniques, the operational and medical aspects of  modern deep diving and is provided with many drawings, pictures tables and schemes.  

The book is comprised of three parts. The first deals with the general principals of contemporary deep diving, related to both bounce- as well as deep diving. The second part systematically examines the technique and technology of bounce diving; the third part is dedicated to saturation diving.  

The intention of the authors is to bring deep diving closer to its readership, primarily to the present and future generation of deep divers. In their approach, the authors placed key emphasis on the acquisition of general and specific knowledge in the fields of medicine, deep diving techniques, the application of safety measures, the provision of specific and general medical aid and the mandatory application of diving discipline, without which safe and efficient diving is impossible.

The attitudes, expressed in this book are based on concrete research and recommendations issued by authorized national and international institutions, like the US Navy, the Russian Federation Navy, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and the Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). References to and quotes of relevant  IMCA publications form an integrated part of the extensive information in this book.  

The book (ISBN Number 978-953-7354-09-1) can be ordered at;

NAUTIEK, Van Polanenpark 182; 2241 RW Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0) 7051 14740; Fax +31 (0) 5051 78396

Email: nautiekvof@planet.nl

Web  : www.nautiekdiving.nl 

The price is Euro 82,50, excl. V.A.T.., -packing and -postage by mail.


Order this book here

Diving with the INSPIRATION rebreather

The marketing success of the Inspiration rebreather reflects the enthusiasm of divers fascinated by the possibilities this advanced

equipment offers. Based on hundreds of hours of experience, Diving without bubbles covers techniques in informed
detail and contains reports, anecdotes and breathtaking images from around the world.

Here you find all the information to obtain this book:


Immersionsen recycleur INSPIRATION
Le succès commercial du recycleur Inspiration témoigne de l’engouement de plongeurs passionnés par les possibilités d’exploration offertes par cette «drôle de machine».
Informer en vulgarisant la technique, étonner par les récits, émerveiller par les images et surprendre par une expérience riche de plusieurs centaines d’heures de plongées, tels sont les objectifs de Plongées sans bulles.

Thank you for your request for information about the Pavel A.Borovikov  book: 'Illustrated History of Russian Diving 1829-1940'. Dr. Pavel Borovikov is a world wide known Russian diving history expert  and a member of Historical Diving Society of Russia and Great Britain. He wrote some books and a lot of articles dedicated to this subject, this book is the latest one. The book is in fact an 'album' with a unique collection of pre 1940  photographs, printed on 152 pages of 25 x 27cm. But it also contains the very interesting story written in both Russian and English, on how diving in Russia began and developed from its early start in 1829 until 1940. 
The price for the book is 100 euro plus shipping, please read the information needed for a purchase here below. Before transferring /sending a payment please first ask for a confirmation by email of its
availability, there is only a limited number of copies available and orders do come in daily. 
Shipping costs: for 1 book to:
Belgium and Luxembourg: 1 book: 16,75 euro. Or: 2 to 4 books 21,95 euro France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, UK, Sweden: 1 book 17,75 euro. Or: 2 to 4 books 23,95 euro Andorra, Chanel Islands, Croatia, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland: 1 book 22,95 euro. Or: 2 to 4 books 28,75 euro
The rest of the world ( USA, Australia and Japan included ) 1 book 27,95 euro. Or: 2 to 4 books 37,45 The book(s) will be shipped in a special carton book-parcel with registered priority airmail. 
Making the payment for the book: 
Banktransfers: Swiftcode RABO NL 2U IBAN NL57 RABO 0161 4393 30Rabobank Westfriesland Oost Graanmarkt 1 Zwaagdijk In favor of account 1614 39 330Davids Import Tuinstraat 3 1691EN Hauwert Please mention 'Album Pavel Borovikov' on the transfer(!) Western Union Transfers ( No checks! )
David Louis DekkerWestern Union Office Hoorn, The Netherlands Cash by mail to: Davids Import Tuinstraat 3 1691EN Hauwert Nederland PayPal ( only accepted when you pay the PayPal fees ) to:davidsimport@zonnet.nlPlease mention 'Album Pavel Borovikov' on the transfer(!) Thank you for your interest or purchase. With best regards,David L.Dekker
DirRebreather - Nitrox Rebreather Diving -
by Cedric Verdier

DIRrebreather published a book written by Cedric Verdier and designed for Semi-Closed and Closed-Circuit Rebreather Divers.

The Rebreather I book is dedicated to Nitrox Rebreather diving and the basic principles and skills that every rebreather diver should know and master. It covers some topics like balance and trim with a rebreather, risk management, and proper Nitrox dive planning.

This book, along with other rebreather-specific books and manuals, is available on a digital format at the DIRrebreather bookshop: http://www.dirrebreather.com

DIRrebreather is a not-for-profit organization and its goal is to promote safe rebreather diving. The DIRrebreather Team focuses its work on designing standard practice, equipment, techniques and procedures both for the novice and the seasoned rebreather divers. DIRrebreather members worldwide participate in rebreather-specific workshops and DIRrebreather-sponsored expeditions on wrecks and caves.

For more information, contact
Les Recycleurs
Principes, gestion, stratégies de décompression
by Jacques Vettier
 The first and only book which speaks in french about mCCR !Available in library and scuba shop / disponible en librairie et magasin de plongée 
Many divers think that rebreathers are the future of diving. And actually, since a couple of years, these bizarre machines have been gaining boat decks, lake shores and spring basins. They have been initriguing the newbie as much as they scare him. It's because so much is said about them ... They would be so performant but so difficult to master.
Done in the same spirit as the previous book, Nitrox Trimix, this book aims to demystify closed circuit rebreathers. Through the more user friendly models, the mCCR, the famous Kiss-like, it exposes some points that are specific to them and extends to more general questions, that a candidate to a closed circuit rebreather can have : use of sorb, decompression with constant ppO2, configuration, computers, bailout.
It is not a "diving manual", as experience is acquired in the water, but a door opened to a future ... already present !
De nombreux plongeurs estiment que les recycleurs sont l’avenir de l’activité. Et de fait, depuis quelques années ces curieuses machines gagnent le pont des bateaux, les berges des lacs, le bord des vasques. Elles intriguent le néophyte tout autant qu’elles l’inquiètent. C’est qu’on prête tant de choses aux recycleurs... Ils seraient tellement performants mais tellement difficiles à maîtriser.
Réalisé dans le même esprit que le précédent ouvrage, Nitrox Trimix, ce livre a pour but de démythifier les circuits fermés. Par le biais des modèles les plus abordables pour l’utilisateur, les mCCR, les fameux Kiss-like, il traite des points qui leur sont spécifiques et étend aux questions plus générales que se pose tout candidat au circuit fermé : l’usage de la chaux sodée, la décompression à PpO2 constante,la configuration, les ordinateurs, la réchappe.
Non pas “manuel de plongée”, car l’expérience s’acquiert dans l’eau, mais porte ouverte sur un futur... déjà présent !
  Sommaire / Summary - Les recycleurs:une grande famille / rebreathers: a large family- La boucle / the loop- L’injection / injection- Blocs, détenteurs et connectique / tanks, regulators and connexions- Le contrôle O2 / O2 control- Un exemple de transformation: l’IDA-71 / modification exemple: IDA-71- Les risques / risks- Les stratégies de décompression / decompression strategies- La configuration / configuration- Les ordinateurs / computers- Les autres moyens de décompression / other way for decompression- La réchappe / bailout- Le nettoyage / cleaning- Les surpresseurs / boosters                Annexes (tables Héliox à PpO2 cst) / Heliox constant PpO2 decompression tables




CCR - Closed Circuit Refresher DVD,

DVD is PAL, all regions. 

Made Exclusively for users of the AP Valves inspiration/evolution unit

The world's 1st skills and techniques DVD designed exclusively for users of the AP Valves inspiration/evolution unit. This packed 4 language (English, Dutch, French and German) DVD holds all the information you need to refresh your knowledge of the unit. Whether you've just finished your Mod 1 or are an experienced diver, CCR - closed circuit refresher contains all the information you need to reference your skills to.

Shot in the crystal clear water of the Red Sea, the footage and the skill breakdown sections of makes it easy for you to go through all the vital skills required for diving the inspiration/evolution, improving your diving and increasing your safety.

Includes sections on Dive Skills, Pre-dive procedures, Assembly & Disassembly, Rinsing.  

Price: £25 or €40 +  Shipping costs


Available from:  http://www.c-19.net/


Contact:  info@c-19.net

Es la historia de los buzos del Puerto de Mar del Plata, y por extensión de La Argentina, contada por ellos mismos a través de numerosísimas entrevistas hechas a los descendientes de los hombre que la protagonizaron, a los modernos buzos de ahora y con exhaustivas consultas en departamentos e instituciones navales argentinas y extranjeras.

Las dimensiones del libro son: 24 cm x 17,5 cm y 2,5 de lomo. Está cosido, con tapa color y se compone de 414 páginas.

Tiene un índice muy extenso y nueve capítulos con los siguientes títulos:


1 - Vicente Carboni, el primer buzo de Mar del Plata.

2 - Los buzos que construyeron el puerto de Mar del Plata.

3 - El buceo salvamentista en la Escuela de Buceo en la década 1920 - 1930.

4 - El buceo salvamentista en las décadas de 1940 - 1960.

5 - Eugenio Wolk, de los "Gamma" a los "Tácticos".

6 - El buceo deportivo en Mar del Plata.

7 - El buceo de gran profundidad.

8 - Los buzos de la Guerra de Malvinas.

9 - El buceo profesional portuario.

Historia de Buzos desde los Buzos y para todos los que aprecian el mundo subacuático.

Por más informaciones escribir a:




English text will follow soon, please check:


A new exciting book written by Keith Gordon on the RMS Niagara New Zealand's gold ship sunk off the Northland coast by a German mine during World World ll with the details of the deep water salvage operations and the underwater surveys carried out over the last 65 years.

Soft cover, 284 pages including 53 B&W and 50 colour photos.

Book Details


RRP. NZ$39.95 plus P&P.

Purchases can be made by

Cash, Cheque or Credit Card or Bank deposit

Click here for a printable form

For Payment by Bank deposit e-mail Keith for banking details



The extraordinary history of the combat swimmers
Author Eric Micheletti
Written in English
Size 235 x 316 mm
Number of pages 208
Number of illustrations ca 300, of which ca 250 in full colour
The world’s combat swimmer units deserved such a book. With a wealth of photographs and documents – many of them never published before – Warriors from the Deep features the historical record and current operational life of the German Kampfschwimmers and the French Naval Commando Hubert, not to forget the first unit of all in this brand, the Italian Incursori which gave birth to this highly specific combat skill. A full colour book also featuring line drawings and profiles of rebreathers and light submarine equipment used by these very discreet elite units.
The author, chief editor of RAIDS magazine, is for twenty years the uncontested specialist of elite troops and their missions.
Price of the book is Euro 49,50, excl. sending costs and – bank charges.
WARRIORS FROM THE DEEP can be ordered at
P.O. Box 454
2240 AL Wassenaar
The Netherlands
Tel.      +31 7051 14740
Fax.     +31 7051 78396
Email    nautiek@wxs.nl
Web    www.nautiekdiving.nl

Or sent an email to jw.bech@quicknet.nl
Rebreathers, duiken zonder bellen

Artikel nummer: PTD200

Rebreathers, duiken zonder bellen. Door Pim van der Horst. ISBN-10: 90-809460-2-8 Full Color, eerste druk, 130 pagina`s. Taal: Nederlands!
Een boekje dat de duiker bekend maakt met rebreathers. De voor- en nadelen, opleidingen, techniek, oefeningen, etc.

 € 32.95 

Language Dutch



256 pagina's full color gebonden boek.
Auteur: Ronald Vreijsen


Al duizenden jaren lang probeert de mens de geheimen van de wereld onderwater te ontsluieren en zich in deze wonderlijke, uitdagende en soms afschrikkende leefomgeving te begeven. Aanvankelijk drong de mens door in het rijk van Neptunus en zijn dolfijnen zonder enige technische hulp. Inmiddels is de techniek onmisbaar voor een veilig en langdurig verblijf. De geschiedenis van het duiken beschrijft de pogingen en bijbehorende technieken in al hun facetten.


Bestelling via de NOB webshop hier

Mastering Rebreathers
Il conosciutissimo libro sui rebreather scritto da Jeff Bozanic è adesso disponibile in lingua italiana.

Edizione aggiornata nei contenuti, con l'aggiunta di alcuni tra i nuovi rebreather disponibili in commercio completi di schede tecniche e procedure di base.

Web: http://www.blackfishtek.net

I wish to announce you that my new book: "REBREATHER" has been published by Editrice Olimpia.

The book is  written in Italian, but could be possible to publish an English version

The book could be bought on line on the Olimpia website: http://www.edolimpia.it/libro.php?codice=5200603

Best regards,



(Keep you informed when the English version is available!)


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