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This is the menu to find information about the general technique of different models rebreathers and how to get trained in using rebreathers.
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19 may 2010
  Dutch article about the dangers of using the wrong valve in a 3/4G"scuba cylinder
  Life support systems  
  Rebreather training and organisations CMAS logo 
What is a rebreather?  

What types of rebreathers do exist?

How does the oxygen rebreather function?  

Techniques of the oxygen rebreather

How does the semi closed rebreather function?  

Techniques of the semi closed rebreather

Calculations with SC rebreathers  

A Learner's Guide To Closed-Circuit Rebreather Operations



How does the passive addition rebreather function?  

Passive addition theory

How does the  closed circuit rebreather function?


Techniques of the closed circuit rebreather

CCR calculations  

Comparison of the semi closed and the closed circuit rebreather

Oxygen service? What does it mean? - Zuurstofschoon
(Dutch language only)


Comparison of different closed circuit rebreathers

Divematics Bailoutvalvepages  
  CO2 absorption in a scrubber. Detailed information
Dan Dunfee
CMF Fundamentals by Dan Dunfee

Gas flow calculations

How does a pendulum rebreather function?  

Gas Flow Through an orifice
Adiabatic process
Adiabatic equation
Ideal gas

Dolphin menu item  How Dolphins work  

ACSC and DCSC systems

Early development of the CO2 temperature sensor (2002)  

Hydrogom CMF valve

Kiss Valves  

MCCR in depth, explaining the MCCR principle

Orifices in rebreathers  

Rebreather blunders Part I


Rebreather blunders II  

Oxygen and the diver, history of oxygen research

Oxygen fires  

Schroefdraadmaten industrie cilinders Nederland

Unique diving locations  

Nederlandse Onderwatersportbond en Technisch Duiken

Books, various books for Sale

  Vulstations in Nederland map
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