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This page offers an overview of most rebreathertypes that are actually uses. If you click the diagram you'll find a page with additonal information on this web. (links will be added later this month) 22 may 2010
Schedule JW Bech

Semiclosed rebreathers inject gas is such way that the additonal Nitrogen content is vented through an overpressure valve. Because of the unused and constant added gas the overpressure valve of the rebreather will generate bubbles. That is way they are called Semi-closed rebreathers.

Closed Circuit rebreathers add gas only when needed. Both the MCCCR, ECCR and oxygen rebreathers have a mechanism trying to add oxygen equivalent as the metabolic use of the diver. In other words, oxygen is added when the divers needs it.

Gas-usage of the semiclosed rebreather versus open circuit diving systems is about 4 x more efficient

Gas-usage of the closed rebreather versus open circuit diving systems is about
20 x more efficient

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