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Information about the pendulum breathing system. updated 26 may 2010


The Pendulum Rebreather is a rather special Rebreather. The diver has a mouthpiece (1) in his mouth and breathes through the scrubber (3)directly into the counterlung (4). Special to this principle is that both inhaled and exhaled air pass the same hose. Because the volume between the counterlung and the mouthpiece is rather big there is a large "dead space". Therefore it is of extreme importance that the diver breathes deep in and out to get rid of the CO2. The advantage of the system is the very simple construction, and that the carbon dioxide is being scrubbed out effectively. At the moment the breathing volume is increased because of the metabolic consumption of the oxygen content, the diver simply inject more oxygen by means of a hand injector (5). There are also systems supplied with a constant mass valve who feed approx 1.5 - 2 ltr oxygen to the counterlung. A disadvantage of the system is that the breathing air can become rather hot. This because the chemical process heats the breathing air twice.

Cressi ARO 57 B

Cressi Aro 57 B


Fenzy NSN4240


Bill's pendulum rebreather


Naubos AR88

Naubos AR88 (IT)

PiSS rebreather homebuild

Pirellli LS 901

The legendary Pirelli LS 901 (IT)

Tom's Swampfox

Check the building of Bill's pendulum wonder
If you have build yourself a nice pendulum rebreather, please don't hesitate to send me pictures and information. I will add them to the gallery!
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