Special IDA71 Configurations
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Since the IDA71 rebreather is available for a relative low price, there a several people rebuilding this unit to there needs. This page is to collect information about these projects and will finally form a info source for those who want to do the same.

Peder Seippel converted a IDA-71 to a KISS system. Check his homepage here:


Paul Raymaekers made a very nice KISS controlled CC IDA 71 here

These pictures were sent to me by Dr. L. Weidinger from Germany. Read how he built this unit made of a former Russian IDA 71 and a German RG-UF/M tank rebreather.


Uwe Bush IDA 71 conversions

Joachim Schmitz describes in his very nice homepage how he changed the standard configuration. The unit is modified in a very smart way. It can be used in several modes, and the conversion is done very professional. Unfortunately the pages are only in German. If there is enough interest I could add this page in an English version. Please sent me an email if you would like this translation. When enough people are interested I will look after the job ;))

You find Joachim's homepage  HERE


The Database Oxygen rebreathers is published now. You will find a large amount of information on this IDA-series rebreathers. Also the IDA-71P version is part of the publication.  

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