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Mike build a LAR6 in a superb style 9 July 2013
  Mike Down from Australia send me these great pictures and story about his unit. This LAR is really something. Wouldn't it be lovely to dive 3 hours in Australia!  

Greetings Jan Willem,

Hope all is well with you and that you are getting some time to dive and enjoy the wonderful underwater world.

Winter here in South Australia, cold, wet, windy and poor visibility so I am waiting for some better weather.

Meanwhile, have been building a few different bits of gear to play with this summer, one being my Nu-LAR 6.

I had a nice clean LAR 6 PU shell, a new LAR 5 demand valve still in its sealed bag, a LAR 5 breathing bag and
a couple of new Dolphin scrubbers.

I soon changed the 'P' connectors on the scrubbers to the female version, hacked into the breathing bag and fitted
a female 'P' connector, machined up a male 'P' connector, fitted that and then started on the plumbing.

I had two neat special combination valve/1st stage regulators left over from another project so I fitted them to Luxfer
1 litre cylinders, and then I needed to machine up an adapter to run the contents gauges the right way so that they would sit
flush with the side of the LAR casing.

I then fabricated the gas line from 3mm annealed copper tubing, made up LAR style quick release M12 x 1 fittings
silver soldered them to the tubing, changed the IP of the first stages to 5 Bar, hooked it all up and checked for leaks.
Once everything was tested I had the parts electroplated and reassembled the unit.

Rather than borrow a LAR hose set from one of my other units I used spare hoses that Martin from Tec Me
had supplied me, made up my own connectors and used a mouthpiece that I purchased at an auction.

It actually feels easier to use than my other LAR 6, I can quickly swap out the oxygen supply module, replace the
scrubber and be back in the water for another 3 hours. Better still it weighs less than the original and parts are much
easier to obtain than Draeger bits.

All the best


Mike, thanks for this nice unit and info!
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