The homebuilder section of my website is a great source to find new ideas or share information with other rebreather divers and builders in the world! If you have build or modified a rebreather that is new in concept or design, please feel free to contact me. Please sent photos of your unit and some information how you build it and dive it!
This is a large information source available and free to use. Enjoy the reading!

Frank Roeder mccr Frank Roeder's mccr Dolphin (2020)  
  John homebuild LAR
James Harvey NSN 4240  
  Simone Puzzolo build a nice ARO
Mike Down NU-LAR6  
  Teoman Naskali T1 rebreather
  Jorge Yantorno from Argentina built the YARO-09 oxygen rebreather
Tomas Stas build the Polish Rebreather Kiss style  
  Paolo Bertoncin Little homemade oxygen rebreather
Mike Wescombe-Down CCRay  

DTUAG offers cylinder pairs for rebreather projects

Mike Eitels MeCCRV2 from Switzerland  
  Erik Ballast MCCR erik manual ccr
25 Kristiaan Slootmaekers Black Dolphin mCCR  
  Ake Larsoon Teknosofen Norge III Ake01
3 Cis Lunar Radial Scrubber pictures  
  Alexey Stekolshikow rebuild the IDA71 1337
stan Stan Hennings HR2  
  Dan Dunfee RGU-2 Tag Dan
Michel Biesmans MCCR  

Jan Bruggeman's MCCR

Alexey Stekolshikow IDA72V selfmixer!  

El Diablo by Carlo Marcheggiani

David build his ECCR himself!  

Matti Anttila from Finland Dives IDA 59

Abbrings Inspiration do not forget: If you want to be a successful Rebreather homebuilder you have to start early. Check this guy!  

Alexander Berger Switchable SCR

Andrei Yashin's Ray  

Andrew Gay MCCR

Bill and his Pendulum Rebreather  
  Bob Howell Quick connectors

Biopak 60 Biopak 240 rebuild

  Brent's Dolphin

Brian IDA57
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Dr. Errol John Harding's ABYSS CCR


Diver Dave ECCR

Eric Cooper modified IDA 73

Evolution of a dolphin rebreather  

Gabriele Bailout CCR

Gabriele FFM  

Hilfiger CCR

IDA71 and RG-UF/M  

Dolphin by Johan Duits

IDA71 and RG-UF/M  

Ivan's MCCR Dolphin

Jan Jahn SMS 1  

Jean Michel Urbani Kiss

Joel Seymour IDA71 Kiss  

Joe's Titanium Turtle

John Volanthen C-96  

Juha Haapajärvi Breathewise

Karls Inspiration  

Kiss the Hammerhead

Kirk Mandt FGT 1/D

Lothar's AKA-60 RG/UFM  

Lothar's Girl The Russian IDA71

Lothar's RG-UFM MCCR  

Modified AGA Mask

New perspectives by Dave Thompson  

Olive green IDA 71


Paul Raymaekers

Peder Seippel  

Philippe Gerin

Ralph Buscemi CCR  

Uwe Busch 'Black Water Nymph"Oxygen rebreather

RG-UF/M page  

Richard Harris

Roel's MCCR  

Secret Rebreather

Stan Henning  

Steve Z. Paige

Steve's Scarab  

Steve's Scarab

Titanium Box  

Tom Rose Swamp Fox

Uri Baran HUD  

Uwe's IDA-71

Valery Mukhin IDA 59  

William Sewell MR101

Wing for Kiss Rebreather  

World smallest CCR by Dave

Hippocampus Celti by Tom Rose  

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